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Laura O'Toole

Founder and CEO


Laura serves as the founder and chief executive officer of SureTest where she brings over 30 years of healthcare industry experience. Laura is an operational and strategic leader specializing in client services, global consulting, and acquisition strategies. She leads teams to strategically design, develop, and implement transformational projects in the healthcare provider space. Laura also currently serves on the board of directors for Roshal Imaging and the Central & North Florida HIMSS chapter.

Before founding SureTest, Laura was an owner and the chief executive officer of Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc. During her tenure at Santa Rosa she served in multiple roles, including chief people officer and chief operating officer. Laura, along with other firm executives, developed the strategic initiative and managed the process that executed a Management Buyout (MBO) of Santa Rosa and ultimately the sale of select Santa Rosa assets to a $130 million NASDAQ-listed company serving the healthcare industry.

Prior to Santa Rosa, Laura was as an independent consulting leader and partner of operations for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a $16 billion Fortune 500 company. Before CSC, she served in a global role as a vice president of operations and global sourcing for First Consulting Group (FCG), a $300 million NASDAQ-listed company serving the healthcare industry.

Laura is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida and is a Lean Sigma Expert.

Laura prides herself on being a team builder, people developer, and coach. She is a leader who creates bridges between healthcare business process and IT. Laura focuses on gratitude, positivity, accountability, taking risks, and collaboration.



When we got into healthcare all these years ago we did it for a reason. Every one of us, whether you were a clinician or whether you were just working in the space, it's because you wanted to be able to make a difference and help patients to be better. And I think staff across the gamut in our health systems, are struggling to be able to hold up the mirror and ask themselves, am I able to do that every day? And they're not for a variety of reasons and it's deteriorating and I think it's going to continue to be a problem.
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