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Larry Sitka

EVP & CSIO Enterprise Imaging and AI


Larry Sitka is EVP & CSIO Enterprise Imaging and AI at PaxeraHealth. Experienced leader and healthcare developer, strategist, founder with over 34 years in the vendor neutral archive (VNA)/(VNAi), AI, PACS, imaging and content management markets. While demanding interoperable systems, my primary focus outside of engineering in founding and creating Acuo Technologies is strategy linked to market execution. Changing an industry and its traditional thinking process while focusing on interoperability was the initial challenge; thinking out of the box is my specialty. Creating that go to market strategy and executing that message from R&D into sales & marketing are my areas of accomplishments including delivering a PO to the organization.

My leadership, tenacity, passion, and vision of adapting to change are keys to leading organizations from an idea to delivery on behalf of the end users. My strength is my ability to take a clinically relevant idea and organically grow the idea into a real solution. The key to a successful healthcare organization and its product development is listening to the clinical base, understanding the pain points and bringing those ideas and standards for interoperability into a software engineering organization. The key to selling the idea is its clinical, operational and financial benefits however the process just begins there. Having the ability to deliver a very technical message to the prospective healthcare CIO and investor base in a clear concise fashion is key to sales and company success. Providing leadership and striking a key balance between the customers, engineering, and selling the solution are what makes for a successful company and a successful return to the investor.

Everyone is talking about VNA and AI, a few understand it, only a few have built it, a smaller set have deployed it, and a handful can actually sell it effectively. NOBODY is ready for AI or what I call the next 1000 users. It’s time for the next step in healthcare leveraging the ONC Learning Healthcare System requirements. After all we all are or will be patients and it’s time to look at healthcare from a selfish point of view.



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