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Kristen Guillaume


North Kansas City Hospitals and Meritas Hospital

Serving as the Chief Information Officer for both North Kansas City Hospitals and Meritas Hospital, Kristen Guillaume is an accomplished professional in the field of healthcare technology. Her dedication, strategic vision, and formidable leadership qualities have truly set her apart in the healthcare industry. In her role, Kristen's primary focus is the integration of technology in healthcare systems to improve patient care and healthcare outcomes. Not only does she manage the extensive IT operations for both hospitals, but she also formulates technology strategies in alignment with the hospitals’ goals. Her exceptional ability to navigate the complex field of healthcare technology has significantly enhanced both patient experience and operative efficiency. Kristen’s inventive approach to technology in healthcare, combined with her unwavering commitment to improving patient care, truly sets her apart. She continuously strives to drive change and implement new technologies that benefit both healthcare workers and patients. With her broad range of healthcare technology experience combined with her passion, Kristen proves herself as an impressive contributor within the industry.



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