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Mostafa Khairzada

Vice President Emerging Technologies

Pacific Dental Services

Mostafa Khairzada

Over the course of his 18-year career in healthcare IT, Mostafa has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation. He combines his rich practical knowledge with an extensive education (BS in organizational development and an MS in health administration), putting both to work in the service of developing groundbreaking technology in the field of patient care.

Today, Mostafa is spending his time understanding the use and applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in healthcare to enhance the patient experience, and empower clinicians with real-time relevant data to increase patient trust and clinician accuracy. “AI is not magic, it's just sorting and understanding the data that surrounds us daily in more meaningful and useful ways."

Before stepping into senior technology leadership roles, he was a technical product and services implementor for large scale health systems like the City of Hope as well as Providence St. Joseph. During his career he:
Managed and mentored large (135+ member) technical teams that were geographically dispersed.
Implemented more than 300 enterprise-wide initiatives that amassed nearly $100 million.

Mostafa is an enthusiastic leader who strives to inspire while pushing the envelope of what’s technologically possible in order to improve the patient experience, reduce costs, and improve overall outcomes within the ever-changing healthcare environment.



How do you ask the right questions so you can get the answers that make sense for your business, whether it’s improving patient satisfaction, reducing cost or increasing revenue etc.
Part of being a successful technologist in healthcare is living and breathing the experience.
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