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Kevin McNamara

Director of Provider Experience

Optimum HIT

Dr. Kevin McNamara, currently serves as the Director of Provider Experience at Optimum Health IT. In this position, he focuses on developing and maintaining high-quality services for healthcare providers. His goal is to ensure the providers under his purview are equipped with the necessary tools to deliver top-notch patient care. Dr. McNamara heavily emphasizes on streamlining clinical workflows, augmenting interoperability, and enhancing digital patient experiences, elements which, he believes, collectively contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare delivery.

Prior to joining Optimum Health IT, Dr. McNamara has had a diverse career with a clear focus on healthcare IT. His résumé includes crucial roles in the healthcare industry where he utilized technology to improve the quality of care. His deep insights into the healthcare IT sector, along with his commitment to clinical best practices, make him an invaluable asset to any team that he is part of.



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