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Jeff Kenkel


Hitachi Vantara

Business-oriented Executive with over 30 years’ experience in commercial product and solution development, focused on transforming technology and data into innovative solutions within the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry. Jeff has operationalized and managed multiple innovative solutions from concept, through development, to sales for large global customers, with multiple achieving industry recognition. All solutions leveraged advanced technologies and were developed utilizing cross-functional teams spanning multiple disciplines and even geographies.

Jeff has served in several leadership and product and solution roles including Vice President, Product Strategy at Digineer, and most recently as CTO, Healthcare and Life Sciences for Hitachi Vantara, a Hitachi Group Company. Jeff was selected and served as a certified Hitachi Group Brand Ambassador.



The thermal sensitivity of the thermal imaging technology is phenomenal, so the sensors are extremely accurate. You can detect very, very subtle temperature changes, and can accurately measure temperature to a half of a degree of Fahrenheit in controlled environments.
Thermal imaging technology can tell us a lot about ‘The What;’ and LIDAR technology can tell us a lot about ‘The Where.’ You can combine the output of these technologies using data orchestration and AI to provide some very interesting insights.
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