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Kathy Azeez-Narain

Vice President and Chief Digital Officer


Kathy Azeez-Narain is the Vice President and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Hoag. In this role, Kathy leads the development of Hoag’s Digital Strategy & Transformation to maintain Hoag’s position as an innovator in delivering both the highest quality care and exceptional patient experiences. This includes optimizing the relationship between our patients and their health information data, utilizing digital tools to develop, design & enhance the patient experience, and effectively moving patients from offline to online by way of a comprehensive digital eco-system.
Kathy is a digital product leader with more than a decade of experience in product development and marketing within the financial services industry. She joins Hoag from American Express, where she held various leadership roles driving digital product, marketing, and data strategies for the company. It was here that she delivered some of the first ever digital solutions for the organization including mobile experiences that better connect businesses to their cards, centralized data platforms and in-house design/creative solutions and teams.
Kathy earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Hofstra University.




If we wanto to move into a digital era, what does the technology look like? What is that technical foundation that you're going to build upon look like? So part of the role is, Hey, do you have an understanding of how cloud technology should really work? Do you have an understanding of what the API and the open source world looks like? And just having that understanding doesn't mean just take it and drop it into healthcare because there's different sensitivities in this industry. But understanding that technology allows you to come in and really poke holes and say, how can it work and what should it look like within healthcare?
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