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Joshua Roth

Chief Information Security Officer

CHOC Children's

Throughout his career, he has been responsible for the strategy, engineering, implementation, and operations of cutting-edge Cyber Security technology. By utilizing best-in-class tools and methodologies, Joshua has been able to create resilient and secure infrastructures capable of withstanding increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

One of his key strengths lies in building strong relationships with Cyber Security vendors. By advising on the development and deployment of innovative security solutions, Joshua has contributed to the enhancement of the overall security landscape within the Healthcare Industry.

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), he has first-hand experience in building comprehensive Cyber Security Programs from the ground up. His expertise includes aligning security strategies with industry standards and regulatory requirements and ensuring seamless integration of Cyber Security protocols into existing frameworks.

Joshua's background in Security and Privacy consulting has provided him with valuable insights and practical knowledge, which have informed his decision-making processes and enabled him to deliver tailor-made solutions to suit his clients' specific needs.



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