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Josh Wilda


Metro Health - University of Michigan Health

Josh Wilda is the EVP/CIO for Metro Health - University of Michigan Health.

Passionate, positive and dynamic leader with experiences managing and improving the delivery of healthcare in acute care ambulatory and inpatient settings. Strong executive skills combined with a deep understanding of operations and effective project management. Proven successes in developing and communicating strategies to meet clinical and business goals and objectives, implementing operational excellence, enhancing quality care through process improvement, providing strategic value and direction and leading diverse teams. Passion for building motivated leaders and teams using front line leadership tactics and institutionalizing Design Thinking methodologies with Positive and Coach Leadership principles.

- Leadership and Culture Development
- Information Technology, Innovation and Services
- Digital Health
- Healthcare Operations and Finance
- Lean/Six Sigma
- Strategic Planning
- Project Management



How do we make sure providers continue to be progressive with the technology they’re using so they can continue to focus on the patients? How do we make sure the technology gets out of the way? Our ED physicians were early adopters of Dragon Medical One. And it was cool to see them not only use it for the transcription portion but we actually had providers that were looking for ways to augment their experience.
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