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Imran Salim

Senior Vice President, Healthcare Strategy & Solutions

Sirius Healthcare

Imran Salim is the Senior Vice President, Healthcare Strategy & Solutions at Sirius Healthcare.

Imran Salim has spent nearly 30 years helping organizations leverage technology to improve business outcomes and create efficiency. Mr. Salim joined Sirius in 2000, and became the senior vice president of sales for the company’s Western region. During this time, he led a diverse group of sales and technical teams to improve both client satisfaction and the Sirius business.

While working with a number of Sirius healthcare clients, Mr. Salim realized that healthcare organizations need to better leverage technology to improve patient outcomes and business efficiencies. As a result, he oversaw the creation of the Sirius Healthcare practice in 2014, and has managed it since.

Today, Mr. Salim leads a national healthcare team that focuses on finding the right mix of technologies, consulting and solution partnerships to meet the demanding needs of healthcare clients. Mr. Salim also led the effort to create the MemorialCare Technology and Training Center Powered by Sirius (MTC), a state-of-the-art technology facility for healthcare IT innovation, experimentation, meeting and training, in Orange County, California.

Mr. Salim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from California State University.



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