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Grace Vinton

Healthcare PR Pro, Patient Advocate, Podcast Host

HITea With Grace

Grace Vinton is a patient advocate, digital health influencer, and award-winning dynamic communications professional with a passion for promoting people and technologies that save lives in healthcare, health IT, pharma, and the life sciences. She has worked behind the scenes with over 20 clients in her career – a list that reads like a “who’s who” of healthcare and pharma technology leaders – to tell powerful innovation stories and educate the industry on emerging trends.

As a Patient Representative for the Sequoia Project's Carequality Advisory Board, Grace is an advocate for patients to have greater – easier - access to their own data. She is deeply committed to ensuring that the best interest and needs of patients and caregivers are top of mind while the national-level, consensus-built interoperability framework enables exchange between and among health information networks and service platforms.

Grace is fluent in media, social media, and viral marketing and has a top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profile with numerous healthcare industry heavy hitters as followers of her regular healthcare technology industry news and commentary. You can also find her on Twitter: @HITeaWithGrace - also the name of her HIT Like a Girl podcast, which boasts over 20k listeners a month. While drinking tea and spilling the tea, Grace interviews women executives and patient advocates who are making a difference in healthcare innovation.



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