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George Pappas



High technology executive with deep cross-functional experience in Sales & Marketing, Professional Services, Operations, Product Management, and R&D. Have built and led a of variety venture-backed, high-growth, organizations that create, market, and sell software products and services to a range of companies in industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, US National Security Community, and Higher Education.

Experience in Enterprise SaaS business models and Sales growth tradeoffs including Bookings to Revenue transitions. Strong Regional, National, and International experience. Was based in Hong Kong while running international operations for leading Internet payments provider CyberCash Have led R&D teams in US, India, Russia, Poland, and China.

Have a broad understanding of sales and marketing strategy & execution, computing architectures, databases, web/application servers, OLAP architectures, SOA platforms, operating systems. Co-founded an LLC and earned a US Patent for integrated sales operations modeling and execution analytics platform.

I am a member of Edison Partners' Director's Network and have been a Board Member of two of their portfolio companies. Was a Board Member of their portfolio company, Motionsoft prior to joining Motionsoft as COO. A member invitation-only Greater DC Mindshare organization of local High Tech CXO's; Selected for SmartCEO Leadership award in Greater DC; member of MissionLink, an organization of National Security focused CXO's; a mentor with the Founder's Institute; and a BU Alumni School of Management program mentor.

Specialties: Enterprise SaaS business models - growth and risk tradeoffs, High-growth sales and marketing execution, Multi-dimensional MOLAP/ROLAP software architectures, predictive analytics, database-centric design, product strategy and execution, operations strategy and execution.



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