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September 8, 2022

Future of Care: Patient Room ‘Next’ with Sirius Healthcare

Adopting new technologies for the best future in patient care

Healthcare has lagged behind in adopting new technologies due in part to a lack of buy-in from staff, resistance to adopting anything new, and associated high costs and budgetary constraints. That all changed when healthcare faced a global health crisis.

The rapid adoption of tools and technologies became necessary to continue treating patients and ensuring uninterrupted clinical care. With that door now wide open, Sirius Healthcare is redefining the patient room with Patient Room ‘Next’ (PRN). PRN is an adaptable, agile, and fully integrated model for healthcare environments that improves the quality of care and the patient experience—regardless of where care is delivered—by:

  • Augmenting important real-time patient information into care processes
  • Improving caregivers’ efficiency by reducing or removing complicated interactions with technology
  • Reducing patient-invasive touch without reducing care and personal interactions that increase satisfaction
  • Engaging the patient and family in a way that reduces mental stress and improves satisfaction with care
  • Allowing care to flex into alternate areas as needs arise and change

This approach is delivered through a combination of machine vision and audio, data intelligence, machine learning, touchless sensors, just-in-time data, and sensor-generated information to deliver real-time insights into each patient’s state and well-being, vitals, appropriate movement, and the overall environment surrounding the patient. And it is all implemented in a way that makes PRN and its technologies private and minimally invasive.

How PRN leverages technology to create a pro-active care approach and next-generation healthcare solutions:

  • Automatically documents EHR information to create alerts and guide workflows
  • Provides beat-to-beat patient data
  • Uses smart machine vision and audio to collect specific treatment information without privacy infringement
  • Uses content engagement to inform, entertain and guide patients and family
  • Enables limited- to no-touch monitoring with advanced sensors
  • Identifies patient area infrastructure needs to support the future
  • Understands a patient beyond a specific encounter
  • Manages a patient’s life cycle of care outside hospital walls
  • Delivers options for care beyond traditional venues

PRN is making systems and technologies seamless, discreet, and more efficient, leaving healthcare workers more time to focus on what’s most important: their patients.

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