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Michael Friesen

Senior Technical Specialist

Cone Health

Michael Friesen is the Senior Technical Specialist at Cone Health. He's a VMware architect and Team Lead for the Infrastructure Data Center group. Finding creative ways to use technology in order to provide better care for patients.



One of the things I love to see is servers going away. As part of the decommission process we check for any recent backups in the Rubrik system using the rest API. If there was, maybe we take another snapshot and put it into an archive so that we've got it. Otherwise we just retire those backups and it's done.
One of our strategies was trying to get away from the traditional complex backup system where you had one or two backup specialists. There's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but if you've got an emergency and you've got to find the backup guy, it can be a challenge and it delays our patient care.
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