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Dwight Raum

Chief Digital Officer

Quil health

Dwight Raum is the Chief Digital Officer at Quil Health. Technically astute, organizationally savvy leader often dissatisfied with the status-quo. Together with like minded individuals, he seeks to extract maximum value from technology investments by engineering integrated but transformational solutions.



My dad was certainly very skeptical when we put the Quil Assure units into his home. At the end I was doing a survey and I asked him about the technology and did he feel it was evasive? And I was really surprised when he told me it just kind of melted into the background. He didn't even notice it anymore. I imagine many caregivers and seniors have that relationship where the caregiver is mediating the trust. And I think that was a really critical component to Assure being a successful tool. He wasn't overtly mindful of the sensors that just blended into the background.
We're looking for fall detection. And the way Quil Health does that right now is we learn the blueprint of the home, essentially. So we look for patterns in how they move throughout that home. And as they pass through these different sensor zones, we can understand if they are in a hallway or in a stairwell for longer than expected then there's a high probability that they've had some sort of event in there. And from that we can raise a concern to the family member to say, Hey you might want to contact mom or dad and find out what's going on. Have they fallen or something like that.
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