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Dr. Dan Riskin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Dan Riskin, MD, MBA, FACS is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Verantos and previously held positions as Founder and CEO of Health Fidelity and Special Projects Consultant at Apple. He is Adjunct Professor of Surgery and Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Informatics Research at Stanford University.

Dan is an expert in healthcare artificial intelligence and successful serial entrepreneur. Products he has developed and commercialized influence the care of millions of patients annually. He has spoken on medical technology at FDA, CMS, NASA, DARPA, NSF, and NIH. His contributions in data-driven healthcare have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading media. Dan served on the Obama Healthcare Policy Committee and testified before Congress on the 21st Century Cures Initiative.

Dan’s medical credentials include a MD from Boston University, residency in surgery at UCLA, and fellowship in critical care and acute care surgery at Stanford University. He is board-certified in four specialties, including surgery, critical care, palliative care, and clinical informatics. His business training includes a MBA with a focus in bioinformatics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



In the 1970s patients were relatively healthy with most having only one disease with one or two treatments available. In the 2020s we have transitioned to a time where people are living longer with multiple comorbidities and there are tons of treatments available. The question is how are doctors choosing? What happens if they don't have good information? We have challenges of sharing data, challenges of interoperability, challenges of accuracy. We can see where the industry needs to improve but this is a long-term commitment that will take decades.
There is such great research in the business and disruption of healthcare. And most of the research shows roughly 50 year cycles. Meaning each 50 years, something really disruptive happens and there are enabling laws or technologies or other events that set it up. If we look at healthcare in the 1870s it was public health. And that’s the biggest drop in mortality that's ever been seen in healthcare.
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