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David Logan

Vice President, CTO Office


David Logan is the Vice President, CTO Office for Aruba.

* Held product and market development executive management roles in early stage IT product companies leading to three IPOs (Alteon, Aruba Networks, Ruckus Wireless) and three acquisitions (VxTel, Covelight, Vidder) for a total exit value exceeding $10 billion.

* Executive responsibilities include general management, business development, market and product strategy, solution architecture, technology architecture, technology marketing and evangelism, product marketing, technical sales enablement, M&A.

* Product category and Market creator: Automated network management (Bay Networks); Web load balancing and application delivery controllers (Alteon WebSystems, Desana Systems); Data leakage prevention (Covelight); Network services virtualization (Aruba Networks); Software defined perimeter (Vidder)

* Primary market experience includes Medium and Large Enterprise, EDU, Local/State/Federal Government, Service Provider, Financial Services, High Tech, Aerospace, Consumer Durables, Retail, Transportation, Energy

* Deep domain expertise includes Enterprise infrastructure software, networking and data communications, data center virtualization, cloud architecture, SaaS applications, Enterprise wireless and mobility, network and systems cybersecurity including accreditation and certification, voice and unified communications, embedded systems. Inventor on 15 patents and patents pending in networking, security, virtualization.

* Experienced in global business development and corporate leadership, including Enterprise and Government markets engagement in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and ANZ



How do you, from an IT perspective, write a security policy for a personal device using an enterprise app? You couldn't do that 10 years ago. It just wasn't possible to mingle those two things together. And so from Aruba's perspective, that's one of the problems that we set out to solve.
Our response to the pandemic, as a networking vendor, was to say we have a set of software defined network architecture tools available to you. You can extend your network using our technology wherever it needs to go, and we're going to help you do that.
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