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David Giambruno

VP of Infrastructure and Ops

Tivity Health

David Giambruno has helped companies as a CIO, CTO, CISO, and Consultant to wield technology as a competitive advantage. His command of information systems, scale, risk & security, data, and emerging technologies has enabled delivery with precision and pace as part of management teams.

Working in revenue, product, and operational roles enabled David to develop a focused acumen while being approachable. This is displayed in his ability to communicate across communities in a way they can understand. This helped David become a proven business and technology enabler, making people feel safe about change.

David has successfully delivered complex transformations across many industries, business models, and technologies. He believes success revolves around building great teams that love their work, ensuring they have fun doing it, and excellent communication.

David said his primary job is to "Make systems work for people, rather than people working for systems." that idea is shown in a drive to create a great technology experience at companies. Enabling a 'frictionless" experience for internal and external constituents is paramount to allowing everyone to be successful at their jobs. Their success and engagement are critical to the company delivering against its goals.

Measurable outcomes across David's career have been demonstrated by the number of people who always want to work for him, executives that call him to help them improve their IT, and over $190 million in hard savings.



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