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Dale Sanders

Chief Strategy Officer


Dale Sanders serves as Chief Strategy Officer at IMO. He closely analyzes market needs and challenges to set IMO’s strategic direction developing products that deliver critical data quality improvements and insights to improve patient care.

Dale has over three decades of experience as a technology leader and strategist, including with the US Air Force, the National Security Agency, and in the healthcare industry. Dale served in leadership positions at Intermountain Healthcare, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and the Cayman Islands National Health System, implementing electronic health records and designing and developing enterprise data warehouses. Most recently, he served as Chief Product and Technology Officer at Health Catalyst.

Dale graduated from Fort Lewis College with a BS in Chemistry and Biology and served as a Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) officer in the United States Air Force.



We have GOT to have a National Patient ID. It's the bogeyman of big government monitoring and all that but most patients, especially if they knew the benefit it would have for them, would say, absolutely. Sign me up.
There's been a body of evidence around low value care for 15 or 20 years, that if we stop doing just a handful of unnecessary things in healthcare, meds, orders, labs, we would save all sorts of money. We would reduce patient harm and inconvenience. And reduce the clinician data entry burden.
This analytic environment is actually quite complicated right now, because we don't have a clear picture of the three identities of patient types that we should be focused on right now.
In a morbid sense, it's intellectually interesting and fascinating for me to see this time of the pandemic in history, but it's sad too.
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