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Chero Goswami

Chief Information and Digital Officer

University of Wisconsin Health System

Chero Goswami is the Chief Information and Digital Officer at the University of Wisconsin Health System.

Innovation and transformation in healthcare are vital to optimizing patient outcomes, enhancing physician effectiveness, and improving healthcare delivery to the community. I thrive on opportunities to lead such initiatives and truly make a difference in people’s lives.

I am a catalyst for change. No single technology lasts forever no matter how cutting-edge and innovative it once was. If we don’t regularly innovate our organizations and solutions, we will not only fail to effectively serve our customers and patients, we will become obsolete and perish altogether.

I believe in driving change by leading people through innovation, transformation, standardization, automation, and integration initiatives. I collaborate with all stakeholder groups to guide and shepherd them through these revisions.

As a servant leader, I regard my staff as my most important assets and invest in their development through mentoring, coaching, and change management always delivers results.

Technology is a valuable tool in the right hands. Using technology for the sake of technology does not help anyone. My background in hands-on system architecture combined with my extensive technology training and operational experience allows me to create and deliver solutions that add value to the business.

As a true business partner, my objective is to align technology vision, strategy, direction, and roadmap with the business mission, plan, and objectives. I hold myself fiscally responsible and evaluate my actions for the slightest impact on the top and bottom line. My business acumen has been proven time and again with success in delivering a large-scale $400M program on time, within budget, and to quality specifications. Additionally, my contributions to M&A activities have created significant cost benefits and efficiencies with automation and standardization.




Employee health has become a strategic imperative. We've always talked about provider health, which is important, but today it doesn't matter if you're a provider or a non-provider, every employee in every health system is stressed to a point. And the behavioral health of our very own has become an important factor.
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