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2021 will be the year that Cybersecurity finally becomes a top priority for healthcare. No really, this is the year. 

What are my data points. At the JPM conference this week I heard more executives talk about cybersecurity than at previous meetings. In fact, OhioHealth CEO floored me with their COVID plan which placed Cyber as one of the top two items back in March. Here's a quote.

"It's been my experience that when you think about cyber, which is very, very important when you're going to get a cyber attack, it's when you're looking the other way. So we put that at the right, at the top of our list, we had a high emphasis from the very start". Dr. Steven Markovich, President and CEO of OhioHealth

Rod Hochman, M.D. the CEO of Providence published his annual predictions for healthcare this week and coming in at number 3 was "Cybersecurity becomes a burning priority for health systems."

This year it makes the scorecard, right next to safety, employee satisfaction, and profitability. Since there is a cyber war raging, that probably makes sense.

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