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Digital health value includes helping engage clinicians with their patients in ways that are replicable across team specialties. Duke implemented a digital health platform integrated with the EHR to make the rollout near seamless, easily repeatable and using existing resources leveraging automation when possible. This has delivered several benefits across specialties, including reduced patient appointment, no shows, which saved hundreds of clinical hours, increased engagement with educational content and raised program participation and new surgical patients. This program is the first step for us in personalizing or customizing the care that we deliver to patients.

Dr. Maulik Purohit, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer at University Hospitals joins us to discuss precision medicine and how it has the potential to really drive patient care in a much more personalized and individual way. Hope you enjoy.

Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader at Proofpoint joins us to discuss the heightened state of cybersecurity alert, especially in the face of what's going on in Russia and the Ukraine.

 Torbjörn Kronander, CEO at Sectra discusses cloud and security. Hope you enjoy.

Truveta announced their new COVID-19 insights and unveiled the Truveta platform for the first time at #ViVE2022. Terry Myerson, Chief Executive Officer joins us for an exclusive interview. Hope you enjoy.

Kirk Larson, Chief Information Officer at Riverside Healthcare stops by to discuss what is top of mind in innovation at Riverside and how they deliver rural healthcare. Hope you enjoy.

Mark Amey, Chief Information Officer at Alameda Health System drops by to discuss the powerful tool of social media. Hope you enjoy.

Vikrant Arora, VP & CISO at Hospital for Special Surgery stops by to discuss the evolution of AI and ML making patient care better and the effects of cyber stress and burnout. Hope you enjoy.

Scott MacLean, Senior Vice President and CIO at MedStar Health stops by to discuss building out their innovative new data center and Epic platform and transforming telehealth. Hope you enjoy.

Cassie (Leonard) Ballard, Director of Congressional Affairs for CHIME stops by. In this heightened state of cybersecurity awareness, especially with the war going on in the Ukraine, how is CHIME helping health systems understand the required federal regulations?

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