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How are you doing on my data maturity scale. Four steps. 

- First you use your data well

- Integrate and use others data well 

- Use each others data well

- Invite larger community to innovate on the data set

Mayo is demonstrating all four from what I can tell right now.


The first step involved building a solid foundational data layer so disparate data sets could be combined in a meaningful way.

There are three keys to getting the foundational data layer right, said Ilia Tulchinsky, the engineering director for Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences, during the webinar:

- Integrating data from multiple systems of record, both in large batch updates and incremental real-time updates

- Harmonizing data to common standards and schema such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR

- Modeling data for use in AI and ML applications

“Bringing the right data at the right time in the right way to a busy healthcare practitioner is paramount to the overall success of AI and ML endeavors.” Tulchinsky said. 


How is your health systems data strategy on this scale? 

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