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Walmarts Back! Wait, did Walmart ever leave their healthcare ambitions? What are their healthcare ambitions?

No need to guess, they say it in every press release.


“Telehealth offers a great opportunity to expand access and reach consumers where they are and complements our brick-and-mortar Walmart Health locations. Today people expect omnichannel access to care, and adding telehealth to our Walmart Health care strategies allows us to provide in-person and digital care across our multiple assets and solutions,” said Dr. Cheryl Pegus, executive vice president, Health and Wellness in the release. “Our Health & Wellness mission is to focus on the consumer’s seamless experience and improved health. We are xcited to welcome MeMD employees to the Walmart family, and we are looking forward to together, accelerating health care access across the country.”


What happens to a business when someone gets in between the business and their customer?

It appears to me that Walmart, CVS, Teledeoc, Amazon and others want to get in between healthcare providers and the consumer. What happens after that happens?

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