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If we change CEOs at your organization and we ask 8 employees what they think it means to your department a few months in, what do you think we might here?

According to these 8, here's Walmart's Clinic Plan


In an industry notorious for opaque prices, the health centers sought to disrupt the space with transparent cash prices for a variety of services, including primary care, dental exams, vision tests, counseling, X-rays, and diagnostics. Seeing a primary-care doctor costs $40, even for people without health insurance.

Walmart's vision was to become "America's neighborhood health destination." The push deeper into healthcare came as competitors like Amazon and CVS Health also bulked up their healthcare ambitions.

Now Walmart's clinic strategy is in flux, Insider has learned from conversations with eight current and former employees, most of whom spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak with the press because of confidentiality agreements.


Here's what they said.

"There is less commitment to the strategy," one of them, a Walmart employee close to the healthcare operation,

Two current employees said Walmart was not aiming to get a set number of clinics built this year. 

Still, several current employees said Walmart continued to back the clinic strategy, adding Walmart was still building clinics and that healthcare was still a priority. 

This story makes one thing clear. No it really doesn't. 

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