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Is Patient Centric Interoperability possible? Can we get the full medical record into the hands of the patient?

It would seem that Vaccine Credential Initiative has demonstrated the potential of such an approach.


In the U.S., the VCI will issue FHIR-enabled COVID-19 vaccine certificates on iOS and Android phones and digital wallets – and paper-based copies with QR codes to help ensure health equity.

He noted that it's "important to describe what VCI is, and what it is not."

It is a voluntary, pro bono effort, using open source, freely-available standards to enable individuals to have vaccination credentials on their mobile device or a paper-based copy, said Anderson.

"It's really about aligning around an interoperable set of open source specifications to empower individuals, have access to those credentials."


You have to love those words, empower individuals to have access to those (vaccine) credentials.

Great work, now let's get to work on the rest of the medical record.

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