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Vaccines Don't Save People; Vaccinations Do

Project Management 101. Changing course mid project is disruptive. Do this only if it will dramatically change the outcome.

We all agree, "vaccines don't save people; vaccinations do."

The Biden plan as stated in this article. More sites, more people, increase supply of the vaccine. Let's break this down. 

The existing plan called for more sites like CVS pharmacies once the vaccine production reached capacity. Network of stores, 90% of US population within 10 miles of their locations, with existing medical staff through agreements.

Sites, check. Staff, check. With just one outlet, use Walmart and that number increases.

Vaccine production. Does anyone think that Pfizer and Moderna can't produce drugs at scale if they have the raw materials? Do we think the government is going to make them move faster than profit motive? Shareholders?

The Federal government may want to address the real problem. A sizable portion of the population doesn't want the vaccine and some won't come in, like our homeless and homebound populations. 

Project Management 101. Identify the right problem, assign resources to that problem.

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