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The ONC has been busy. A lot to keep track of this year. We start with USCDI V3.


Today in health, it, us CDI version three is available. To comment on my name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week and health. It is set of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff, current and engaged. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders, Gordian dynamics, Quill health tower site nuance, Canon medical, and current health.

Check them out at this week. We have a webinar this Thursday, tomorrow. One I'm actually really excited about not actually excited about it. I've been really excited about all the webinars we've done. This one I'm excited about because we just had the pre-call. And the two gentlemen I'm talking to about this are just dynamic. Individuals have a lot of frontline experience on the cybersecurity battle, and they're going to share their experiences with us. These are first responders.

And the title is stories from the trenches and they are going to explore what they're seeing. As we take a look at one of the biggest targets in healthcare active directory. Join us this Thursday at 2:00 PM Eastern time. Sign up today at this week. All right, USC. Version three. , you know, I went to the website and I'll give you the URL for it. There's a lot of interesting information. If you haven't done this.

, there is a USC. Version one, version two, these are codified and out there in the wild. Now we have draft UFC. Version three. And when you go to this page on health , it's too long to give you health Just look for the us CDI. You'll find it. And it has all of the, , datas and the classes. And then it has the comments below the comments below.

Are well thought out, very interesting and a great source of learning and knowledge. So if you get a chance, To just sit down and read this. They are essentially defining a dataset that is going to be standardized and then shared across the entire health care ecosystem. That is the work of the us CDI. All right.

So, let me give you this. I'm going to the health innovation group story because they pull it all together and make it pretty succinct for us. I wouldn't see releases, draft of USC version three, draft ads, data elements. In the health status procedures, health insurance, and patient demographics data classes.

All right. So you get this picture. It's not just for healthcare providers. This is , for public health. This is for health insurance as well. So there's, they're expanding the dataset. To serve the needs, especially coming out of a pandemic. There's a lot of thought around how this data set is going to be able to support us moving forward.

The ONC for health, it has released the draft of the third version of the U S CDI. A standardized set of health, data classes, and data elements for nationwide interoperable health information exchange. And we are actually interviewing. , Micky Tripathi tomorrow. You're not going to hear this. Just yet, it's going to go out on our keynote channel probably in a week or two, and we're going to go through us CDI as well as they're just doing so much stuff over there. There's Tesco there, they put out an RFI on electronic prior authorizations. They still have the work they're doing on information blocking.

So I have a ton of things to talk to Mickey about. , not the least of which is this us. CDI version three. All right. So last July they released version two over the next three months, ONC is encouraging the public to evaluate the draft. You us CDI version three and submit comments to ONC on the data classes and elements that should be included.

All right. So it's important. , depending on the size of your organization and depending on how much you want to get involved. To have someone from your health system who understands these data elements. To read through them, understand what they're trying to do and represent your health system. They may choose to comment. They may choose not to comment, but at least understand them.

And if I were a CIO, I would, I would find, , one of my physician champions and I'd have them. Really hone in on this and be the champion back to the organization. So they could follow the comments, help us understand how it's going to integrate. And to some of our initiatives at our health system.

, feedback will be accepted until April 30th, 2022. On the main draft us CDI version three page or on individual data classes or data elements. Page ONC will consider these comments and recommendations in preparing for the final us CDI. Version three for publication in July of 2022. During the development of the draft version three ONC received over 400 submissions of suggestions.

I want to see considered the submissions and apply to established prioritization criteria to select the most mature data elements, including data, data elements submitted. During previous us CDI submission cycles, ONC focused on factors that include promoting equity, reducing disparities. And supporting public health and data interoperability.

Draft version three, includes four data elements in the new data classes, health status, disability status. , mental function, which includes the more specific cognitive status. Functional status and pregnancy status. The health status state of class provides a broader context than the existing health concerns data class.

Which contains the single general data element health concerns. The health status data class also includes two existing data elements, health concerns, and smoking status. Which were reclassified from their own data classes as found. And us CDI version two, the ability to capture and exchange data that represents these more specific health statuses represents a significant advance for health it to improve care and to address inequities. All right, so we're getting better at this. We're we're understanding, , putting these things into context is very important.

They introduced these new classes, another new data class health insurance information provides an opportunity for health it to capture and exchange. Key elements of healthcare insurance coverage. This information can be useful in the care of patients for price transparency and in the identification of disparities related to insurance coverage.

Tribal affiliation is a new self-reported data element extensively captured by the U S Indian health service to aid in determination of eligibility for IHS services, care coordination, and non-tribal medical facilities and identification of disparities. In healthcare in and across tribal populations.

And to address public health reporting priorities, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic ONC added specimen type. And results status to the laboratory data, class, occupation, occupation, industry, and pregnancy status. I also support public health. Data requirements. Oh, and see also added reason for referral and the procedures state of class as this data element is already part of the certification program requirements for transitions of care and is broadly implemented.

In health, it. All right. So that's, I mean, that is a really good summary. I read a fair amount of it to you just to give you a feel for what's going on. , here's my, so what on this. This is important. This is moving forward. This is about the, the broader push towards sharing information across healthcare.

To build better communities. This is the government's push. This is supported by law. This is going to happen. You are going to be doing this. So you will either be doing this through your EHR provider, which is likely how you'll be doing it. They will implement the fire standards around it. And begin to share these data elements for you, but you're also going to be, want to be made aware of these elements, what they're trying to accomplish within ONC. You're going to want to assign a physician champion within your organization who is going to understand this conversation potentially, , potentially participate in this conversation and, , and act as a representative back to your organization.

So an advisor and an advocate for your health systems. Points of view on this. So that's a, that's my, so what on this, an important initiative, but not the only initiative. We have a lot of government things coming down this year. And we are going to have to keep a close eye on this. That's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note.

They can subscribe on our website this week, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Apple, Google overcast, Spotify, Stitcher. You get the picture. We are everywhere. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders, Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance, Canon medical, and 📍 current health. Check them out at this week.

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