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Transforming Digital Health in a Post-Pandemic World with the CEO of Xealth

April 7, 2021: It's been a wild year for digital health. How has the pandemic influenced this space? It's hard to imagine a one size fits all for addressing patient care. That’s where Xealth comes in. It’s a digital prescription platform that lets clinicians prescribe digital health tools to patients. Think of it like the SureScripts of digital health. Today their CEO Mike McSherry joins us. What is Xealth doing for payers and providers? How are digital tools impacting patients in terms of quality and experience? Have the demands from consumers changed over the last year? How will health systems start to differentiate based on new sets of digital tools that are in play and being developed? Can hospital systems afford to invest in a digital health feature or can they afford not to? And what will the healthcare consumer experience be in 2025?

Key Points:

  • One explosion in digital health was around virtual care for certain disease states. Diabetes management, behavioral health and hypertension remote patient monitoring increased exponentially. [00:03:55
  • The Teladoc Livongo merger is a sign of the rise of digital health and app based care management [00:04:10
  • Consumer expectations in healthcare are currently at an analog experience level [00:14:35
  • Healthcare is at the opposite end of the consumer experience spectrum. It needs to solve that magical middle and then bookend it to create a seamless consumer friendly care experience. [00:16:20
  • Parking is one of the biggest complaints of going into a health system [00:17:25
  • At the end of the day, convenience always wins [00:42:05
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