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Are you happy with your employers healthcare experience?

I'm not. I've never really been happy with it. I experience every silo, every failed handoff, every clunky technology tool that has been conceived in a vacuum. and... My cost goes up every year. 

When people talk about broken healthcare, this is what they are talking about. This has to be solved across the Payer, Provider and PBM. It can't be solved in any one silo. 

The employer tries to solve it by knitting together a set of negotiated services with ever more sophisticated partners. But in the end their costs keep rising and the benefits meeting with the employees gets more contentious each year. 

In steps the latest digital health startup, Transcarent. Glen Tullman and team are back to change the self insured employers experience with healthcare.

They know healthcare, have a proven track record and have the funding. In today's episode we explore their model. 

Hope you enjoy. 

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