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Today we scan the news and talk big tech layoffs, Apple Vision Pro, Neuralink, Ascension finances and Providence SD WAN. Enjoy.


Today in health. It, I don't know yet. I think I'm going to go to the new site. We're going to talk about a bunch of different news stories. Just get my take on what's going on. And I don't know. We'll see what we find. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator this week health instead of channels and events dedicated to transform healthcare.

One connection at a time. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders. Short test artist site interprise health parlance, certified health, notable and service. Now take them out this week I'm going to go to the new site this week. If you haven't done that yet, take a look. I think you'll like it, it is curated news stories by industry professionals and it's only practitioners you have to have. A health system. Email address in order to post. To it. And B be a contributor. If you want to be a contributor, hit the site at the top, you can become a contributor.

And as you heard earlier, we are doing Alex's lemonade stand is we're going to continue to do this work and we're excited. In fact today, if you're listening to this, go over to the conference channel. I have an interview with Alex's mom. That is pretty special. She's a pretty special individual.

That organization is fantastic. And it really was a privilege for me to get a chance to interview her. So check that out. Last thing as always, I'm going to encourage you to mentor someone, share this podcast with a friend or colleague. You said it's the foundation for daily or weekly discussions. On the topics that are relevant to you in the industry. ─ Use it as a foundation for mentoring, just, Hey Joe, listen to that show.

What'd you think? Go back and forth. They can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. All right. I'm hitting the site. Here's what we've got. I'm just going to go in order here. Meadows, mark Zuckerberg has. A theory about recent tech layoff and it's not AI. Interesting. So Metta CEO, mark Zuckerberg believes recent tech layoffs aren't caused by AI, but rather companies shifting towards lean operations after oversizing during the pandemic. Zuckerberg denies AI as a major driver for job cuts. He might be right.

I'm not a huge mark Zuckerberg fan. I'm not a market soccer fan. Not a huge one. I'm not a fan quite frankly, I think is his views and stances on privacy are deplorable at best. And But at the end of the day, who cares? What I think about mark Zuckerberg, but he's probably right here, AI, hasn't had a chance to really take hold. In that space, these job cuts that are happening in big tech are likely just right-sizing or I don't know. And, it's just essentially financially related or whatever it happens to be, but it's a, it's not AI driven yet. I'm not saying that won't be the case in 24 months, but it's not the case today. All right.

Next story. Gen Z are treating employers like bad dates. ─ I just I just liked the headline swipe. Put it out here. 93% ghost interviews and 87% have not even shown up for their first day of work. I post this and I post these kinds of stories every now and then I found this one and I, it's interesting if you're a manager. You're likely overseeing a lot of the different generations. And it's worth understanding. The strengths and weaknesses of each generation. And, again, you have to meet people where they're at and to a certain extent. They have to have to adapt to what you're doing as an organization.

But I think it's always important to understand what's going on with the generations that you manage. You might have everything from the greatest generation all the way down to gen Z. Gen Y gen Z. I don't even know all the generations anymore, but it's important to know what each one is, what their hot buttons are and how they think how they think about You know about employment, about work, about remote work. About 401ks. About healthcare.

It's good to know and understand those things. So always worth a study. Back when I was managing a significant number of people, I would know that pretty well. Let's see. Seven decade history. ─ Of chat GBT. This comes from the healthcare blog. So there you go. AI has expanded into human language. Altering it's societal standing. AI language emerges from historical concepts laryngeal descent theory. And advances in technology increasing advance, increasingly advanced versions of AI models, such as chat, CBT and Gemini. Facilities. Our facilitate human machine communication processing, vast textual data. For intelligence response concerns exist around AI implications on a social media toxicity experts predict AI driven autonomous workflow within three to five years, leveraging multiple technologies like databases, cloud, and edge computing and 5g networks.

This was contributed by Charles Boise. Who, as I've had on the Newsday show several times, he's someone who I really appreciate his depth of understanding of the highly technical issues. As they talk about the machine human interface, we get to the next one. And this was apple vision pro rebooting medical diagnostics.

And then there's another one down here at Daniel Kraft MD on LinkedIn, apple vision pro. And he talks about spatial computing and its impact on digital medicine. ─ Both of these stories are positive on apple vision pro or at least the concept of spatial computing. And it's similar to the AR VR stuff they were talking about make no bones about it though.

I, I did, I broke down. I bought an apple vision pro and I've been using it. It's a different device than the Metta quest. And some of its predecessors, first of all, it's a full blown computer. That kind of caught me off guard. Now I had done some research before I, I read it, but I was wondering why they did that. It clearly drove up the expense. But it's really powerful.

It's incredibly powerful. It's responsive. It's quick. But the thing I will point out I'll do a larger deep dive on it later. I'm going to take it with me to Vive and use it on the airplane. So I'll have people mocking me or taking pictures. We'll see what happens. I don't really care.

I want to see if I can leave my laptop at home and use it. It's a full-blown computer. I've done email on it and whatnot. So I'm going to see if it works in that capacity as I go. To the conference, but I think the thing I'm learning more and more is that the device was designed to take advantage of the human interface.

So the best way to do emails to talk to it, the best way to, to navigate is to talk to it. And so it's very good at understanding what you're saying and doing things and it's it's pretty, pretty amazing that way. And I could see desktop computers starting to change. Based on just how the spatial computing is working on the vision pro. You navigate things with your finger and your hand and whatnot.

I could see putting a couple of cameras on the device in front of you. And just instead of having a track pad doing that for navigation, quite frankly. It's pretty, pretty ingenious how they do it. I'll talk more about that later. Essentially post $708 million quarterly turnaround. And so that was there a Q2, which ended in December. And that is as opposed to 2022, where they posted a, a. Let's see. ─ So central reported Q2 fiscal year 24 net income of 359 million. A 708 million improvement, which means they had a $238.1 million loss. Back in 2022.

We're hearing this more and more that things are bouncing back. The it does seem to be regionally driven right now, but I think you will see that start to normalize across the board. Generally recoveries of this kind happen. In on the coast first and then moved to the center. So that's one thing that's if you look at the coffin hall reports, that's happening, you're having a recovery on both coasts and it's slow to move to the center. And then I think the other thing is just in general, we're seeing. Volumes pickup or seeing the costs get come into line.

In fact, they talk about costs in this. Let's see salaries, wages and benefits decreased by 2.1% due to outsourcing lab services and labor stabilization initiatives. And I think a lot of organizations have done both of those. Important moves. Let's see how well it wouldn't be a day. If we wouldn't talk about it.

Elon Musk says first Neurolink patient can control a computer mouse through thinking the CNBC story. I just find that fascinating. I think there's going to be more and more technology that we bring to bear. In the delivery of care and healthcare and chronic diseases and other things that we are going to be tapped on the shoulder for, and we're going to have to partner with our clinicians. To deliver some of these things.

Now, I don't know how far new Orleans is. I actually, I'm surprised it's already in a patient. To be honest with you. I that's faster than I thought they were going to get to this point. So just something to keep an eye on. If, if it can. Give people back functionality that they didn't have before, which is what it's aiming for. ─── It will be interesting to keep an eye on. And then probably the last story here, how Providence healthcare redesigned its win for digital transformation.

So Providence healthcare revamped its network for digital transformation by adopting software defined wide area network SD. When. Boosting performance and reliability across it's 51 hospitals and 829 clinics. The SD wan solution provides dynamic remediation, transport and routing separation, simplified management and standardization, configuration, and design VMware emerged as the chosen SD wan vendor following extensive. Testing the updated network enables Providence to swiftly accommodate new. Opportunities and demands. Expanding healthcare delivery beyond hospitals. To its network of clinics. And this is the right architecture, software defined networking is the right architecture.

Absolutely. Because software moves faster than hardware. And so when you can get to the point of software defined, you are going to be responsive. To the needs of the organization to changing traffic patterns and to. The To the security. Requirements that are necessary for your health system. So they already have it.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. And by the way, there are a ton of store, more stories on the site. They are all curated and organized. You can go to the category, AI machine learning, cloud architecture, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and privacy, data analytics and insights. E H R E M R innovation and startups, interoperability, and HIE leadership and staff development, patient engagement in patient experience, regulatory and policy telehealth and remote monitoring vendors and mergers.

And I even have a thing down there for events. And conferences, not a lot of stories and events and conferences. But but there are some there, if you want to be a part of this, you become a contributor. If you have a health system, email address and want to start submitting stories, go ahead and hit the, this week news site. Become a contributor, fill it out and start sending stories.

It's real simple. You find a story, you can just text it to a number and it comes to our editors. And we take a look at it, approve certain stories, put them up there, and then they they become part of our email that goes out every a weekday morning. To everybody, which has the most recent stories that we have talked about.

And it also goes on the website. So we designed it for you. Hopefully you will take advantage of it. ─

That is all for today. Don't forget, share this podcast with a friend or colleague, keep the conversation going. And don't forget to mentor someone. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders, short tests, artist site, interprise health. Parlance certified health, notable and 📍 service.

Now check them out at this week. Health. Dot com slash today. Thanks for listening. That's all for now. ──────────────────────────────────────────

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