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Today: What's in store for 23

Last show of 22. I look forward to connecting again with you in the new year.


Alright today. We're going to talk about what's in store for 2023. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health. Instead of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged.

This is our last show for the year. Our next show will be on January, whatever the first Monday is in January. January 2nd. Wow. That's probably a holiday for a lot of you, but we're going to be airing a show likely on January 2nd. We'll see. If not, it'll be January 3rd. So please check back. We'll be airing the next, uh, news episode on January 3rd.

We are celebrating our five year anniversary of creating content for health.

It professionals. And healthcare professionals in general, anything that crosses the intersection of technology and healthcare. Is what we cover on this. And the other shows that we do.

As you guys know, we have the three channels we have this week health conference. We have this week health newsroom, which the today show is a part of. And then we have this week health community, which is where we do the town hall show, which is where I've gotten some of your peers from the industry.

To interview people who are on the front lines, doing the work a lot of really pragmatic conversations about, , how we implement things at the, at the, , where the rubber meets the road right there on the front lines. , we're always looking for new town hall hosts. If that's something that interests you by all means, reach out to me, bill it this week, We continue to do the interviews and action shows. If you're missing out on those, those are airing right now on the community channel. We've put those over there.

And we did, I don't know, 40 some odd interviews there. Those are over there and they're phenomenal. , I had great conversations at the conferences. We capture those for you and put them out there. But that is not what this show is about. What this show is about is what's in store. For next year, we're doing a couple of interesting things next year. We're not changing the show lineup. , we changed it pretty dramatically last year.

Moving from one show to four shows. , four channels and multiple shows. And we're going to keep that right now. We have three channels. And multiple shows on those channels and that's where we're going to stay going into next year. So we're looking forward to that. We're going to continue doing the interviews and action. We have found that your response to that has been fantastic. We started a pilot of from the floor last year.

And from the floors where we go from booth to booth. And talk to people about what the solutions are that they are bringing to the market and what they are doing. We're trying to give you the feel of going from booth to booth. Like you had gone to the conference. We know that most health systems don't have the budget to send.

A lot of people to conferences. So we figured we would go and give you the full gambit of going to the, to the booth, talking to the people who were in there about what they are sharing and what they're excited about. , it gives them another outlet to get the information out and it gives us the opportunity to bring the conference to you.

Where you set and where you live. So we are going to continue to do that. We are going to do some, , partnerships. Next year, we are partnering with Alex's lemonade. Stand to raise money for childhood cancer. And we're really excited about that. In fact, I'm going to be interviewing Alex's parents.

In January, we're going to hear that on the conference channel and we're going to do all sorts of drives. Much like the lemonade stand concept we're going to do all sorts of, I guess you would call lemonade stands. But to us it feels like drives. We're going to where our team is planning that. And we would like for you to be a part of that, to be a part of contributing, we're going to do matching funds on our end.

We've talked to our partners about matching as well, and we have a goal to raise. Over $20,000 in the 2023 year four Alex's lemonade stand. And, , we hope that you'll be a part of that as well. We have gotten a little bit back to our roots. We spent a lot of time last year talking about how can we get, you know, bigger names, you know, bolder names to be on our channels on our conference channels and whatnot. And we're still gonna reach out to those people and have conversations. Anyone who's really making an impact on healthcare.

We want to talk to those people, but getting back to our roots in that, I want to make sure that we are talking to as many CEOs as possible as many CTOs CMIOs. , chief data and analytics officers, chief digital and innovation officers. , the people who are making things happen in healthcare. I want to do more of those. And so I've given my team the task.

Of making sure that we're reaching out to as many of the health system leaders as possible and bringing them on the show. That's going to be one of our focuses for next year. , as you know, there's just an awful lot happening that the news day show will be interesting. And one of the things I like about the news day show is we're just constantly monitoring what's going on in the world. And then I bring.

, people on to talk to me about the show or about the news that's going on in the world and how it's impacting healthcare and healthcare. It. And just great conversations this year. And I appreciate that feedback has been phenomenal from you as well. , it's actually our fastest growing shows the news day and the today's show.

And so we're going to continue to do that. Give you information, hopefully that you need. To do your job better on the front lines to know what's going on, not only within your health system, but within other health systems as well. And if you don't know we at this week health, we launched the 2 29 project. You can get information on the 2 29 project at 2 29 project dot this week.

And that is the homepage for it. We started to do small group events, round tables, if you will, and we're going to be doing 14 of those round tables next year, we're going to be doing them for CIO. CMIOs CISOs. Data and analytics officers, digital and innovation officers. , CTOs and infrastructure leaders.

And what we do is we bring those people together. We put them into a room and, and just facilitate conversation between them so that they can learn from each other share best practices and things that are working. For them so that we can really live out our mission, which is to amplify great thinking to propel healthcare forward.

And we feel like by bringing people into a room. And letting them talk and have the discussion that, that is of great value. And in most cases, a lot better value than sitting in a bunch of rows and listening to somebody speak from a front. So we're going to continue to do that next year. We're really excited about the progress that we made this year and putting those events together.

And if you want to be a part of that, either from the sponsor side or from the participant side, go ahead and hit a two 20. I am project that this week and at the bottom, there's a form to stay in. And informed. , forum to stay informed. It makes sense. , on, , anything that we're gonna be doing with the 2 29 projects. So love to have you sign up there and we'll keep you updated on what's going on.

, I want to thank you again for being listeners to the show. , this is one of the most, , fun things that I've ever done in my career. And the feedback from you is that you are benefiting from it. And as long as that's the case, we'll keep doing it. So thank you again. I want to thank our sponsors who have made the show possible. Really appreciate their contribution.

And as always, I want to end with saying, 📍 thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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