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What can we resolve to be this year. Not accomplish, be as a person. Intrigued, today I share a few of my resolutions.


Today in health, it new year's resolutions. We're back. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health. A set of channels dedicated to keeping health, it staff current and engaged. We want to thank our sponsors who make all of this content possible.

Any flurry. That was the end of the year. We have 18 new sponsors, actually some coming back, some new ones. , that have signed up in several with verbal commits. , we're going to sort all that out this week and we will let you know who chose, which shows to sponsor. But, , you can check them out on our website this week. just scroll down.

, we love our sponsors. In fact, one of the things we do a little different, we ask them for references. So, , if I haven't worked with them in the past, I ask them for references. I look at their technology. I made sure that companies we talk about are companies that I would use as a CIO.

Alright webinar this Thursday at one o'clock Eastern time. It's priorities. We're going to be talking to three CEOs and we're going to explore the activities and projects that have been prioritized by these health systems to sign up, hit our homepage at this week. top right hand corner. Is where the webinars are. All right. This year we've partnered with Alex's lemonade. Stand in support of children who have cancer.

For the month of January, we're going to do a series of drives. And for the month of January, we have a simple drive for everyone who registered for the webinar, we will contribute a hundred dollars to this fantastic charity. You can check them out. , and you can also look at our progress on the top of our website. It has a banner.

That has the Alex's lemonade stand logo on it. Go ahead and click on that. You could see our page. It's actually this week. House lemonade. Stand in support of this. , this a mission. So a love for you to be a part of that. , in fact, if you want go ahead and hit that site and be a part of, , what we're going to be doing this year. Our goal is ambitious. We'd like to raise about $20,000 this year. We're going to do it in partnership.

With our sponsors, we're going to do an, a partnership with you. And we're going to do a couple of these drives throughout the year. We'll start with this simple $100 each, everybody who signs up for the webinar, we will contribute a hundred dollars to Alex's lemonade stand at the end of the week. Okay, resolutions. , we're going to get to the news as the week goes on.

, give me a chance to sort of get back in the saddle, read some stuff. I have picked out some, some news articles, but if you have some specific stories, You want me to review? Go ahead. And send it to news at this week, All right. New year's resolutions, you know?

New year's resolutions come and go. The gyms are loaded in January and those same gyms are empty by April. , that's not really what we're going to be talking about. We're going to be talking about resolve and character to start the year. And let me give you an example. So, , one of the things that I would resolve, I resolved to lead with vision this year.

And leading with vision is one of the most misunderstood concepts. And I've talked about this over the years, let let's go ahead and simplify it. Vision is seeing. Vision and leadership is imagining a better future. Seeing it in your mind, communicating clearly and providing the leadership that is required to resource.

The effort to make that vision a reality, or to bring that reality into existence. I had a back and forth on LinkedIn over the holidays. It was, , another person who wanted to rant about Elon Musk leadership. Think what you will about, about Mohs, but he has vision. He has completely transformed two industries, the automotive industry and commercial space industry.

In fact, you could almost say that he invented the commercial space travel industry. He's done some strange leadership moves recently and he's getting hammered in public for it. , during my back and forth though, this person stated that leaders don't really do anything. It is the workers that do everything. And my response was not meant to diminish what the staff.

Does the work, but to point out that the good leaders provide significant value. I noted that , they bring vision prioritization, resourcing team assignments, communication. They can even be a spokesperson for the department or, , for the efforts of say technology within the healthcare system.

They have to discern things when things aren't going well and are things aren't going well. , they have to equip people. And, you know, that's all before crisis hits. And as we saw when a crisis hits, the leader really has to step up. I say all that to say never underestimate the value of a leader. There are people who just collect a paycheck at every level of an organization, but good leaders provide real value.

In this resolution, we highlight vision. Every project, investment and movement forward requires someone seeing that future. And articulating it to the right people in order to garner support and make the future. A reality. Good leaders do just that. Great leaders do this pretty often and have a track record of rallying people to a vision. We have a vision here to amplify great thinking to propel healthcare forward, to develop the next generation of health leaders. We've been doing it for five years and we have provided a platform for leaders to share their vision of what healthcare could be.

And how we can get there. We piloted healthcare leadership groups last year, and this year we're moving out of pilot, 14 to 29 groups across the country. CIO, CMIO, CISOs. CTS. , digital officers, state officers, you name it. , if you want more information, you go ahead and hit our. , 2 29 project.

Dot this week, website and, , just sign up there and we'll get you some information. But our idea is to get people out of isolation, chip away at the pride that can seep in to the leader's life and expose people to ideas and thinking. So that's what we're going to do. That's our commitment. That's our vision of what we can do this year.

Next I resolved to find solutions and not just talk about problems in ever more creative ways. When my kids were growing up, I would find myself saying to them often, especially when they were younger. , you know, don't tell me what the problem is. Tell me a potential solution. And in my travels and healthcare I've found that people, , they can tell me the problems in really amazing ways. And they're increasingly interesting ways. And I find myself wanting to give the advice to them. And so I'm giving it right now to you, which is find solutions. If the problem is too complex, break it down.

And solve part of the problem. Be a problem solver. We know that in difficult financial times, the, the training and travel budgets. Are the first to get cut back and we want to bring the conference to your staff. This is what we're going to do. This is the solution to the problem that we're going to try to solve.

, you know, we have panel discussions in the form of webinars throughout the year. We have one this week. , we're not selling products, but what we want to do is to talk about topics and issues that you communicate to me are important to discuss. , we're going to interview people. , so you can hear what other health systems are doing and potentially reach out and work together with them on some problems.

We want to be the training and development solution to your reduced training. And travel budgets for 2023. All right. Final resolution here. Finally, I resolved to stay true to the mission of my organization in tough times. My friend used to say, you can tell what is in a person when they get squeezed.

He meant that when the pressure of life. Pushes in around a person in a leader. What is on the inside. Eventually we'll show up on the outside. And the question you have to ask is, am I committed to the mission of my organization? And if I'm not committed to the mission of my organization, I really need to figure out if I can be committed to it.

And if I can't, then I really should do everyone a favor, especially if I'm in a leadership role and find an organization where I can get behind the mission.

If I believe in a mission, I need to commit to that on a daily basis and live it out. Clarity and consistency from leadership is critical in difficult times. And these are going to be difficult times. So at this week health, we're going to live out our mission. This year and continue to bring you great content, bring leaders together, facilitate discussions that lead. To solutions that can be shared and strive to showcase solutions that your system might benefit from. Those are my resolutions for this year. And I'm curious what yours are. If you have some resolutions, go ahead.

, shoot me a note, Phil, at this week, health, that kind of, I'd be curious to hear what you're planning to do for this year. All right. That's all for today. If you know of someone that might benefit from our channel. Do us a huge favor. And send a note to somebody do you can do it right now. Just shoot him an email and say, Hey, I'm listening to this podcast. I think it would be great for you if you're in a leadership role.

Shoot it to your staff and say, Hey,, this podcast has really helped me. I think it would really help you. , thanks and subscribe on our website this week, or wherever you listen to podcasts, as you know. , we want to thank our sponsors. I'd love to tell you who they are. We will sort that out this week.

, we love our sponsors. You can, you can actually view the ones that have signed up. On our website this week. towards the bottom. If you are, your organization, want to sponsor, , this week And, , go ahead, fill that out. And we would love to 📍 get touch with you and talk to you about what.

, being a sponsor and being a partner with this week, health is all about. All right. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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