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Can I wire $25M?


Today in health, it we're going to take a look at a deep fake attack, which costs a company, $25 million. We'll talk about it a little bit. And we're going to explore the question. What could I do? With a deep fake attack to your environment. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health. Set of channels and events dedicated to transform healthcare. One connection at a time. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders. Short tests, artist site, enterprise health. Parlay it's certified health, notable and service.

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You said its foundation for daily or weekly discussions on the topics that are relevant to you and the industry. Great way to mentor. They can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. All right. I was reading this and it just blew my mind. Finance worker pays out $25 million after video call with deep fake chief financial officer.

And I'm getting this from CNN. And you can get all these stories at this week. A finance worker at a multi multinational firm was tricked into paying out $25 million to fraudsters using deep fake technology to pose as the company's chief financial officer in a video conference call. According to the Hong Kong police. The elaborate scam, saw the worker duped into attending a video call with what he thought were several other members of staff. Well, all of whom were in fact deep, fake recreations Hong Kong police said at a briefing on Friday.

In the multi-person video conference, it turns out that everyone he saw was fake. Senior superintendent. Uh, the person who's with the police. I said, uh, chance said the worker had grown suspicious after he received a message that was reportedly from the company's UK based chief financial officer initially. The worker suspected it was a phishing email. As it talked of the need for a secret transaction to be carried out.

However, the worker put aside the early doubts. After the video call because other people in attendance. Had looked and sounded just like the colleagues he recognized. Uh, believing everyone else on the call was real. The worker agreed to remit a total of 200 million Hong Kong dollars about 25 million us dollars. The police officer added. The case is one of several recent episodes in which fraudsters are believed to have used defect technology to modify publicly available video and other footage to cheat people out of money. And as if we did not have enough to worry about in healthcare. My question for you today is what could I do with the deep fake in your environment? It's interesting. You know, We're constantly training the, this week I'll staff and, um, and we get attacks.

I mean, we're a company with no money, no whatever, but we still get attacked. And every one of my staff members received a tax last week. With, uh, you know, Hey, Need to get access to money. That kind of stuff. Of course. They read that text. They sent it to me and we immediately put on the slack channel and. Communication went out from there.

So everyone knew. And plus everyone on my staff knows that that's not what would happen. Plus none of them have access to money. So that. That also, that also makes it a little easier. But my question to you is, um, you know, what could I do in your environment? You know, I, and I'm not, I'm not even sure I know what I would use it for, but the malicious ways that it could be used. As we do a virtual console's virtual second opinions as we do that's on the clinical side, which is really scary. On the financial side is scary enough.

Uh, we have people that, uh, do have, uh, transactions and the ability to do large transactions. Generally we have good security controls around things like, uh, email. And maybe even a text message. You wouldn't transfer that much money on a text message. But D fakes creates a whole new environment. I think. The only reason I'm covering this story?

Not the only reason I think it's interesting is one of the reasons I'm covering it. But the other reason I'm covering it is I think if this is not part of your ongoing security training, it probably needs to be. Uh, incorporated so that your staff understands that not everything they see is as it seems, and that there should be other checks and gates to go through before activity that could be harmful. To the institution or to people is carried out.

So that's my 2 cents on this. Still not feeling well, a little sick. So this is going to be short for today. Deep fake $25 million. Crazy world. We live in. All right. That's all for today. Don't forget to share this podcast with a friend or a colleague. You said as a foundation to keep the conversation going.

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