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What do you think about a warning label on apps that clearly states we plan to monetize your data, would you like to continue. Would that level of clarity change your usage of that app?

Beckers has an article today that covers creepy privacy policies for mental health apps.

What about taking it one step further. What about a warning on MyChart for health systems that have decided to monetize my medical record. Please be aware that we are sharing your medical record for research and we will receive a financial gain of $xx.xx for your record. Please click yes if you understand and agree with this practice. Would that level of clarity change your behavior?

Just something to get the discussion started.

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Today in the health, it privacy and specifically health data privacy. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system. And creator of this week health, I set up channels dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders, Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance, Canon medical, and current health. Check them out at this week.

It feels like it's been a while since I did a daily news segment, because it has been, I hope you enjoyed the interviews and action series. If you work for a health system doing something interesting. , we would love to talk to you if you want to be featured on future interviews in action. Please

drop me a note at bill at this week. Alright, I see an alarming trend and it is highlighted in this Becker's article. The title of the article is most mental health apps. Have exceptionally creepy privacy practices, report fines. , it's a Becker story. So it's pretty brief. Let me give you some of the excerpts here.

Mental health apps that have worse privacy policies for users than most other app categories. According to a report released May 2nd by Mozilla.

Mozilla researchers analyze the user privacy protections for 32 mental health and prayer apps. Finding that 29 required a privacy not included warning. Indicating concerns about how user data is managed and shared. The vast majority of mental health and prayer apps are exceptionally creepy. Jen Cal tread are.

Mozilla's lead researcher for the report, told the verge they track share and capitalize on user's most intimate, personal thoughts and feelings like moods, mental states and biometric data. Ms.

and her team found most of the apps collected large amounts of highly sensitive, personal data under vague privacy policies. They also found most of the apps have subpar cybersecurity protocols. Including allowing users to create accounts. Using weak passwords. , Mozilla report said Talkspace, better help, better stop suicide, Yooper in Woebot or the apps with the worst privacy policies. For example, Woebot collects data about its user from third parties and shares user data for advertising purposes and Talkspace collects its user chat transcripts.

Mozilla said it reached out to the apps to. To ask about their privacy policies, but only three responded. That's the end of the article there actually, I ended up reading the whole thing. , you know, as I, as it's been a while, so I'll just remind you at the end of these stories, I try to do a, so what, why does this matter and what am I thinking about this thing? So the, so what on this is, I'd like to see a warning label on these companies, apps, something akin to what we see on a pack of cigarettes in Canada.

If you haven't been. To Canada and seen their, their packaging of cigarettes. It is really something to behold. It essentially says this product will kill you with graphic images to drive the message home.

So, what I'd like to see is when I open an app that has decided to monetize the data. I'm about to give them it should clearly state we're going to share your data for financial gain click. Yes. If you understand and agree to do that. Would that make you think twice? If it were that clear? I'm going to push this one step further. , just for conversation purposes, for the most part, I'd like to see the same statement in my chart. If the health system is making money from the information that I've provided.

For them over the years. We expect to make X dollars from sharing your information for research click. Yes. If you understand and agree to do that. And I know some of you are going to say wait, but, but we believe in research, we believe in the public. Good. There is a subtle arrogance in those statements. We don't trust you to make the right decisions. It's not really your information. We created the record and we own the record. Legally. We don't really need your permission to share the information about you.

All that is true, but if I had known you were going to share my information for money, would I have shared that information?

You know, the answer to that is probably if I'm in an acute care setting, I am probably in a pretty vulnerable state. And what the best care. So I'm going to share that information. I just like full disclosure on your intention with the data I am about to give you. And yes, you could see the problem it creates. If the nurse at the bedside says, Hey, we're going to share this information for money. And I go, well, I don't want to share the information with you. I'm not going to receive the best care possible. It does that create a conflict?

If you've decided to make money. On my data. Probably does.

Again, just something to get the discussion started. I love to hear what your thoughts are. That's all for today. It's great to be back by the way. It's great to be sharing these again. if you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week.

. Or wherever you listen. Listen to podcast. Podcasts Apple google Overcast spotify Defy Stitcher You I Get the picture If you're listening to this i want to make you aware Uh we've started doing town hall. town hall is fantastic i have started binge listening to the town hall show and town hall is a bunch of. Practitioners healthcare practitioners like you who are interviewing people in their network in their health systems talking about uh, things at a different level a much more pragmatic and practical level. Uh, highly recommended if you get a chance check it out this week health. Community is the uh, Channel and the show is town hall. Uh we want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders gordian dynamics quill health tau site nuance canaan medical 📍 and current health. Check them out at this week Thanks for listening that's all for now.

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