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What if you could roll out your branded health system home health solution in less than a month? Interested?


 Today in health, it turned key care at home for health systems. My name is spell Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital And creator of this week health, a set of channels, dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged. I am at the health conference in Las Vegas this week. And I thought I would share this interview.

That I did with Chris McCann, who is the CEO? Of current health, which was acquired. . Bye best buy health. And they had a really interesting announcement that I thought would be very relevant to those of you who utilize epic. That their platform is available through , the app store, through the epic app store. And you can, uh, download it and be up and running with home care pretty quickly. And we talk about that announcement. So here is a quick interview with Chris McCann. Chris McCann, current Health of Best Buy Health Company. Last time I was with you was like the first time you were in the Best Buy booth, but today I wanna talk about your announcement. So your announcement is, uh, uh, pretty exciting. Tell us, tell us about the announcement. Yeah, so we are the first end to end care at home platform that's within the Epic app market.

Um, we've been doing a lot of work with Epic over the last year to try and define what. Best in class experience for how Care Home is delivered with ehr. Fully interoperable and delighted that we now announcing that we're in the app market and we're actively doing this with our, um, with our panels. We see those three constituents to making any Care Home program successful.

Does the organization and showing that this is a good economic case, does the patient experience, but then does the provider experience at the end of it? And it has to be an amazing experience for them, which. Being interoperable with Epic. That's what this announcement's all about. So now I can get you in the in app or essentially Yeah, they call App Market now.

They've rebranded it. Um, so within there, any health system can come in, um, can access us through that. And we have design these turbo charger packages with Epic. That's what they're called. That means they can go live really, really, really quickly. We took NYU and New York live in three weeks. On Epic through those three weeks.

Yeah, three weeks through these double charger packages. It's really amazing work that the team has done. Um, we have a bunch of implementation guides for how everything from billing is done with it through to clinician engagement, through to some of the patient engagement work. It's all about how do we, um, operationalize it bit really quickly and with minimal bump.

Then on the IT teams. What are, so you have a handful of the largest health systems in the country. What are they looking to do with you? What we saw in the market, what they're telling is, is the gap is for one partner who helps them up and down the acuity ladder. So everything from the acute patient to hospital at home, all the way down to chronic care management.

Even some consumer use cases. They want one partner who can help them deliver all of the relevant services and technology, um, in the home to that patient, depending on that acuity level, and follow them up and down the acuity ladder. As they move. And that's what what we do. We are that one single solution for any patient acute to subacute, to chronic, and now it's integrated with Epic.

And the big play there is essentially the clinician experience. What will the clinician's experience be like? Yeah, so, um, we have all of the single sign on through Epic. We can embed our dashboards within Epic. We can write back all of the relevant data into. We fully support billing on the RPM CPT codes where we're in that Medicare fee for service, um, model.

All of the ordering and customization of the ordering can be done. We're doing a lot of the, um, patient stratification, so identifying who are the right candidates through things like Best Practice advisories. Um, ultimate we will work with our customers to map out the clinical and operational workflow, and then our Epic integration will work all along that.

So for the position, it's just a seamless part of how they, how they do their day job. Yeah, it's uh, it's a pretty exciting announce and it sounds like a fair amount of work. Um, our team working with the Epic team have done a huge amount and it's, um, I'm really proud of what they put and the feedback from our clients has been amazing and so far, but a lot more to do.

You know, we have a long way to go, um, on it. So clients who have implemented prior to this, will they be. Yeah, we'll be steadily moving everyone over the next period, um, to use the new integrations. Um, and as I say, there's a lot more that we're gonna be doing, um, over the common year. EHR integration is a really, really crucial focus for us.

So this won't be the first EHR we hear about. No, not at all. Chris, I wanna thank you for your time. Thank, Thank you. My pleasure. Thank nice to see you.

I really want to thank Chris for stopping by really enjoyed the conversation. Always a great time, talking to him and love the work that they're doing at current health. I think there's a real opportunity here for those who are looking at home health. And are on epic. So I thought I would share that with, with y'all.

Uh, that's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note, let them know they can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. And we want to thank Kern health for being a part of our show and for providing crest to have the conversation 📍 with us today.

Thanks for listening that's all for now

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