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We listened and you know what. It turns out our community is diverse. You want different things from the channel. So we noodled on it for a bit and decided to launch four channels for 2022. Academy, Community, News and Conference. Each of these will have a little different feel. Academy will be about education, Community about the great things you are doing, News is well, about the news and Conference will be about creating a conference atmosphere all year long. Today I explain in a little more detail. Hope you enjoy.

Bill Russell:

Today in health, it I wanted to share an exciting announcement for this week in health. It starting in 2022. We're going to be launching two new podcast channels to bring our community more specialized content. And it's content that's very specific to your needs. Our channel will now include our news channel, which is this channel that you're listening to, but we're also going to take the news day show and drop it into this channel. We're going to have a new channel called community. A channel called academy. And a channel called conference. Let me give you an idea of what that's gonna look like. We will have four different channels on iTunes and Google play and the rest that you can subscribe to and each one will have a specific feel to it. The news channel obviously is this one, and it's about staying up to date on what's going on. It'll include these shows where I talk about a specific news story. It will also include the news day show. Where we have about an hour. Where I have other people on the show and we talk about what's going on to the news. So you get different perspectives on the news. The community channel is something I'm really excited about. We have invited guest hosts to come on and record with people from their network. And our hope there is to get deeper into the topics that are top of mind for you. Security, clinical informatics data, AI digital, you name it. But it's not only going to be me. It's primarily going to be guests hosts and we've already started those invitations and we have a couple of people lined up. If you think you would be good for that, please let me know All right. So that's the community channel and we are looking forward to that. That's gonna be fun. The academy channel. This is really what we consider to be it university. This is where you have somebody coming on board and you want to ramp them up as quickly as possible. We are going to take excerpts from our show over the last five years. The highlights and we are going to put out three shows a week in what we call the insights. Show within the academy channel. There will be other shows within that education sphere, the academy sphere. But we're starting with a show called insights, three episodes a week. Highlights from our shows over the last five years. If you have somebody who's new to health, it, somebody who's looking to come up to speed somebody who's who you're looking to develop and train and those kinds of things. This is a great channel for them. They're about 10 minutes long each. And a again, highlights from our show. So we've had some amazing guests with great insights. And we want to bring some of that content back. Into the consciousness. For discussion and keep that moving. And then the conference channel. A lot of us get on planes. We travel thousands of miles to go to a conference, to interact with people, to hear. Keynote speakers. To learn about new products and those kinds of things. That's what the conference channel is going to be about. We're going to do those long form interviews. We're going to call that show keynote, moving forward. We have solution showcases where we highlight the products that are interesting and coming forward. We're also going to have briefing campaigns on specific topics and those kinds of things. So that is what we're going to be doing next year for channels. For this week in health, it. And we are very excited about it. So, if you want to get ready for 2022, we have a page for you to go out and get subscribed to these channels. You can go to this week. Just set it up over the weekend. And would love to have you subscribed to all four of those shows. And as always, if you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note, let them know this week. They can subscribe on apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, everywhere. They listen to podcasts. For 2022, we're going to have a new set of sponsors and we are already talking to companies. We have 15 of them lined up. We're only going to be working with 24 sponsors going into next year. If your company might be interested in that, go ahead and contact We are excited to introduce those new sponsors to you. And we will do that in due time. But for now we want to thank our channel sponsors who have made this content possible for this year. And we really appreciate their commitment to investing. In the vision to develop the next generation of health, it leaders. Those are VMware Hill-Rom Starbird's advisors, McAfee and Aruba networks. Thanks for listening. that's all for now.

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