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Great hire by CommonSpirit. What can we learn from this move.


today in health, it Daniel Barchie is named the new CIO at common spirit. And today we'll talk a little About that from a couple of different perspectives. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health, a set of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff, current and engaged. We want to thank our show sponsors or investigate developing the next generation of

Gordian dynamics, Quill health Site nuance, Canon medical, and current health. Check them out at this week. All right, let me give you a couple of details here, then we'll go into my, so what on this. , let's see. I'm good. Pulling this from healthcare dive. And the reason is because it's the most succinct article out there. I could have gone from the.

The common spirit press release with that. Was I just too canned for my liking. So, , let's see. Name Daniel Barchie new title, chief information officer and senior executive vice president. Common spirit, previous settled chief information officer and group senior vice president, New York Presbyterian.

, Barchie will lead common spirit health, digital innovation, and it security starting Monday and report to CEO, right? Laster. So this. At today, I think he starts, or maybe it was last week. Condoms for it was recently hit by a ransomware attack that has interrupted access to. The EHR delayed patient care in multiple regions among parties. First tax will be to assist in the ongoing response.

To the cyber attack, common spirits set into statement. The CIO role is integral to the health system, lasted her, said. The Wright Lassiter. Who's the CEO. Have a common spirit and a new CEO for common spirit came from a Henry Ford. , out of Detroit. And let's see Lester said in the statement, I have no doubt that his expertise in leadership will help cabin spirit deliver a more integrated.

Digital experience for our patients, providers and employees Barchie most recently served as New York Presbyterian CIO for seven years. Where he led strategic vision and management of it prior to New York Presbyterian. Barchie was the CIO at Yale new Haven health system and Yale school of medicine, where he was responsible for moving the system to a single EHR and developing a security operation center.

He was CIO at a Carilion clinic in Roanoke, Virginia, between 20 2006 and 10. Early in his career. Barchie was an officer of the us Navy, helping to drive cruisers. Barchie graduated from the us Naval academy and has a master's in engineering management from old dominion university, according to his LinkedIn.

So there you have it. That's the story. What's my, so what on this, there's a couple of silhouettes on this, to be honest with you. I think Daniel Marci's. , phenomenal CIO. , You know, full stop. There he is. He's excellent. I think. His discipline has military. , background and discipline will, , be a great asset for common spirit. And it's exactly what they need.

, there, they have acquired and brought a lot of entities. Into the organization and that military precision will be. , something that can be used to really take the process is my guess is what he's inheriting. Is what I would term a mess. And I don't want to offend anyone at common spirit, but they've had a lot of leadership changes. They've had a lot of acquisitions.

They are not done with their integration of those acquisitions. You have a, obviously a major security breach, which would lead me to believe that there's also a mess there as well. So he's inheriting a mess. There's no, there's no doubt. You generally don't have, , I would say. 60 to 70% of new CIO roles are inheriting a mess. And it's those people that can make, , I dunno, order out of chaos that Excel, and I don't think there's a better CIO out there right now that can make order out of chaos.

, then, then Daniel Barchie, we've interviewed him a couple of times on the show and he is, , he is a thinker. He is a methodical in terms of his approach. He is disciplined in terms of his approach. And it's exactly what you need, especially with an organization going through this kind of challenge. , let me.

Take a little different lens on this of CIO from outside of healthcare CIO, from inside a healthcare. Right. So common spirit went down the path of CIO from outside of healthcare. And this isn't a comment on. , whether she did a great job or bad job or those kinds It's more of a comment on there's a significant learning curve. And I was one of those CEOs from outside of healthcare. It's a significant learning curve.

And to come in from outside of healthcare. , not only do you have to learn the company and learn the culture and learn the politics and, and, , the different technology stacks that they may or may not be using. , but you also have to learn healthcare. And I've, I've said this pretty openly. You know, the first couple of months I was there, I actually had a list of all the different practices.

That existed within healthcare. And I had to learn them because I didn't know the difference between, you know, one doctor and another doctor. I need to understand where, what are they practicing And what parts of the system. So, anyway, I mean, that gives you some idea of basics of where I was starting.

And had to learn the various things that people were telling me. Now, obviously I relied on a very strong CMIO and, , other people around me who really did understand healthcare and helped me to, , come up to speed pretty rapidly helped me to understand how a physician's documented, helped me to understand how they use the EHR helped me to understand the workflow.

, the revenue cycle and all those kinds of things, but it is a significant learning curve. There is no other industry like it on the planet. It is very complex, very difficult. And if anything, it's like a hundred businesses in one. And so there's a big learning curve. Daniel Barchie will not have that learning curve having gone through.

, you know, three previous CIO roles, he will walk And just be able to focus on the things he needs to focus in on, and that will be. , you know, that will be a major benefit for him. He will, he will step in there on day one and hit the ground running. , the other thing I think I would like to cover. And this is for, , any of the health system leaders who are listening to this.

And they're wondering. You know how, how this move happened in the background. And I don't know anything. I haven't talked to Daniel. He may be a chime this week. , because he's, he's, , very involved in chime, but, , given that he has a new role, I don't know if he will do that remotely or in person, or just do a fly by, of just checking in and then going straight to common spirit.

, either way, I don't know anything. I just want that to be clear, but there was a leadership change at New York Presbyterian. A lot of times when leadership changes happen, there's a little bit of insecurity that gets created. I don't think Daniel's position was in jeopardy in any way, but there is some insecurity that gets created.

That creates the, , , let's see, fertile ground for headhunters to make phone calls into the organization. Right. And when you have a position like common spirit, There's only a handful of CEOs in the country that are going to be able to walk in with this kind of pedigree with this kind of, , I, you know, background, I mean,

Just instantaneously announcing this makes the security incident. Better. Right. We are doing something about this. We are bringing in a top-notch CIO CIO of the year, in fact, chime CIO of the year, last year. So, you know, it, it creates that fertile When people ask me, you know, how do you get a CIO job?

Th the way you get it is through the, , headhunters through the recruiting firms. And you have to know these people and they're all, some of them are a little different, common spirit uses a from out of, , I think, , , the San Francisco area. , there's regional firms. , you know, we all know the national players that are out there. You have your corn fairies and you have your wit Kiefer's

And even your Kirby and associates and, and other national firms that are out there, but then you have your regional players that you're going to want to know, but if you're someone of Daniel's stature, you're going to get those phone calls on a pretty regular basis. Those people are going to approach you at every conference.

That you are at just to check in, see how things are going and that kind of stuff. So. I just want to touch on that. If you are thinking, Hey, I'm ready for the next CIO job somewhere else or whatnot. You probably already know this, but I'll just throw it out there. Keep those relationships current and make sure they know that you are interested in the next thing. So great move by common spirit. Daniel Barchie will be a great asset to the organization, and I'm sure this is going to be what we are talking , today at chime, I prerecorded this on Sunday as I'm leaving for , because I'm going to be doing interviews over the next two days. At the conference, but look forward to get back to you on Thursday with some of the things that I've heard. Remember, if you want to hear the interviews and action, go over and check them out at this week. Health community it's on the community channel. It's the green one.

Just search for this week health. On your favorite podcast listening device, and you will find us over there. That's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week, or wherever you listen to podcasts, apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, you get the picture. We are everywhere.

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