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Today: Pacific Dental take Epic to School


Today, Pacific Dental Services partners with High Point University to extend its epic comprehensive health record system into dental schools.

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 All right, and here's a quick update on the campaign that we did for February. We raised a thousand dollars, actually, we got a little over 20,000 downloads and the team decided we're gonna put a thousand dollars towards Alex's lemonade stand for the month of February. We have some exciting, , drives coming up in March and April.

Captain's Drive. We will let you know more about that, probably. , Friday of this week. I'm off this week, so try not to do too much in the way of work. But, , just going through some stories and providing you some insights into some of the things that I found interesting as I was reading. , let's see.

So this one was sent to me, Pacific Dental Services Partners with High Highpoint University to extend its epic comprehensive health record system into dental school. Give you a little excerpt now. I'll tell you why I think this is interesting. , , PDs, Pacific Dental Services, one of the nation's leading dental support, DSOs Dental support organizations, , partnered with High Point University in North Carolina to extend Epic into that.

, probably via Community Connect, if I thought about it. , for use in the colleges Workman School of Dental Medicine and Dental Practices affiliated with the school. The H P U Oral Health Network, the unique partnership, the first of its kind for a dental support organization, not the first of its kind in healthcare, but the first of its kind in, in, , in the dental space to partner with an academic institution was made possible by Epic's community connect program.

There it is, which allows larger healthcare systems already employing Epic to extend its use to others that would not otherwise be in a position to utilize the platform PDs. , it is the first dsso to partner with an academic institution. As part of the agreement, PDs will roll out Epic at Highpoint University providing an onboarding and training of the platform and maintain ongoing support services.

H P U will then use Epic to give its dental students real world exposure to the future of dental medical integration through the technology. And then they have. obligatory quotes. , and then it says, efficacy used in leading hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical schools, which rely on the company's unique software to manage the patient's health journey.

And it talks about High Point University. Some more quotes. , we believe that collaboratively designed Pacific Dental Services instance of Epic Health record system is the most powerful dental platform in the world. Said David Baker, chief Information Officer. Just wanted to give a shout out to David, who used to work for me at St.

Joe's and doing a great job at PDs. All right. Why is this interesting to me? Couple things. We need to get creative in how we are doing training. For people, , for the next generation. And one of those things is. getting people up to speed on the EHR before they actually start practicing at our health systems or practicing at our dental offices for that matter.

And so partnering with any, in all of the schools in your area that do nursing, that do, , physician training in, in any way, shape or the, the medical schools and whatnot, , is going to be, I think, incredibly important. It's also gonna create. , a natural onboarding to your instance of Epic, if you will.

And it will also, , provide you a certain amount of loyalty. , it's a nuance, but you could get some loyalty in that and that they understand and know your build and understand your build. And they, you know, if they go to somewhere with a not as good of a build, they'll always refer back to the good build that they had.

Back there. So that, that's a, it's a, , nuanced play on loyalty. , the other reason this is interesting to me is PDs was, , the first DSO to really take this on a national basis, take epic on a national basis. They have a strong belief in the integration of all of healthcare, , you know, dental care as well as medical care.

, and as a. I think I agree, quite frankly, my mouth is part of my body, it's part of my health. And having that complete record I think is also, , extremely important. I like the way that Pacific Dental thinks about solving problems and thinks about the integration. I think it sets them apart in the dental space, but I think it's an opportunity for us in the healthcare space to think about how we can partner with education institutions, how we can partner.

, various specialties, , and partnering. Partnering, partnering, I think is going to be key, , this year, 20 23, 20 24. And beyond the right partnerships, the right mix of partnerships with a cohesive and strong strategy, I think is going to be the play. , capital is going to be tight, budgets are going to be tight, labor is going to be tight.

So bringing together various organizations to deliver on the promise of health for our communities, I think is gonna be key. So that's what really struck me about this article and why I'm sharing it, and hopefully you'll enjoy that. , tune in tomorrow, I'm gonna talk about work life balance, which I am not practicing right now.

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