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Meta Pixel burns another health system, Providence posts a sizable operating loss and delivers a restructuring, UCSD names a new CIO and more on today's show.


Today in health, it we're going to take a stroll through the headlines. Avant Metta Providence, Los CCSD with a new CIO. And more, my name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system. And creator of this week health sort of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged.

We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders. Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance. Canon medical and current health. Check them out at this week. All right. So here's what we're going to do. From time to time, I get these emails from Beckers and this one has a bunch of headlines. And so I'm just going to go straight through their list of headlines, Facebook tracker compromised, Phi. I have 1.3 million. No VOD health patients. All right. So this is this pixel thing, pixel on the website. Collects information, , sending it over to Metta over to Facebook. And, ,

Essentially, if it's on a, my chart. , site, it can collect personal health information. And transmit that it's not that Facebook was asking for that, but they were getting. Getting that. As part of the structure. All of that. Data. It's interesting in this one, because.

They Navon essentially put this down as a. Breach. And, , they're essentially saying faulty software that is, , transmitting this. So not user error. This is a faulty software that is collecting this information. So it'll be interesting to see how this one. Plays out. But this is going to be a national one. There's there's obviously already in the lawsuit. That's going on in California.

And, , I'm sure we'll see some more class action lawsuits around this. So next one, Providence operating loss grows to 934 million as it shrinks. It's a leadership team. So province just did a restructuring. And. Reduced some of their leaders,

, And, , it looks like a lot of this has to do with the loss. So 934 let's break down, , operating loss. For the first two quarters compared to $94 million. Operating loss or the same period. Last year, the system is second quarter operating loss was 424. All right. So.

Roughly half of that was first quarter, half of it. Second quarter.. So these are operating losses. This is different than the Kaiser loss, which was mostly due to, , investments and movements in the markets. , Kaiser showed an operating profit, which means they're making money from operations. This one's an operating loss.

I don't know what else there is to say about this. I did a show yesterday on how to have conversations when they come to you and say, we need to cut the it budget. And I think that is going to be a common conversation. So anyway, you see S the names, a new CIO. So let's see who it is. University of California San Diego health has named Joshua Glandorf as CIO, before being named CIO. Glandorf served as CDO based healthcare system as the senior director of information services. Prior to Mr. Glendora time at UC San Diego health. He was a director of analytics at Stanford. Children's in Palo Alto, California, according to UC San Diego health, UC San Diego health, chief medical officer, and chief digital officer, Christopher Long horse MD announced what's your Glendora promotion.

To CIO's August 12th, Mr. Glandorf will be responsible for maintaining and managing all information systems that UC San Diego health. In his new role, Mr. Glandorf's new position will officially start August 21st. So this is an internal hire. In fact, I did another interview today. Of a Craig. , quiet tasky, who is the CIO at Cedar Sinai.

Out of LA and he was also an internal hire. I think we're going to see that more and more, you know, the people. Who do this? Well, the CEO's who do this well, they will train. , their successors and they will have them ready when the time is right for them to move. Into those new roles.

Alright, CVS health has 900 plus data scientists. Wow. That's a lot of data scientists. I mean, first of all, it's a high paying position. Second of all, that's an awful lot of really high powered. , data work being done. All right. So let's see what the article says. CVS health and Aetna. I've hired a large team of data scientists to use data analytics.

And AI for better care delivery, according to K U re. M D senior vice president at CVS health and chief medical officer of Aetna. Leaning into digital transformation keeps CVS health competitive as more technology companies expand into healthcare. When you look at Amazon, apple, Google IBM and Microsoft, and clear that companies understand the value of data and the value of health and healthcare as a value proposition.

Dr. Ray told Jacob Emerson of Becker's. We're proud at CVS and Aetna to leverage data scientists. As part of our team that delivers care. Dr. Ray said, the company now has more than 900 data scientists. Scientists. That did. , the strong bench of data scientists and it talent will allow CVS health and Aetna to stay competitive in healthcare. As technology companies, such as Amazon expanded into healthcare.

Amazon recently announced plans to buy one medical, a virtual and in-person primary care platform with directed to employer contracts for 4 billion. , we leave living in age data science data is important. CVS health has, was reportedly interested in one medical. , You know what? This is an interesting piece. Doesn't tell us anything new it's here essentially, so that they can stay in the new cycle.

For the most part. That's what you got. , all right. Let's see. Let's stop with this one. So this is the last story. I'm going to take that 14 stories here. These are just the ones that had interest to me. These are the CEO's for the U S news top 10 cancer hospitals, Craig Owen, university of Texas MD Anderson. ,

Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center. Chris Ross male. Naomi. Lemain Dana Farber. Ellen Pollock, UCLA Matthew called Cleveland clinic. Beth Lindsay would city of hope. Out of a California, Michael

Penn Presbyterian medical center, Doug king, Northwestern Memorial hospital, and Jerry Fox Siteman cancer center at Barnes Jewish hospital.

So great list of CEOs, great list of health systems. You got to ask yourself, why, why do we do these a top list top 10, top 20, top 30. Becker's does these a fair amount? And the answer is a little inside baseball here. , SEO it's eyeballs, right? So we sell advertising I'm in the media business. So I'm telling you.

I do this sometimes as well. You got to get the eyeballs on your stuff. Top 10 list, top 20 top 50 top 100 CEOs. These things. , move up in SEO. Not only that, if you're mentioned on one of these things, You're more likely to promote it when it gets posted out on social media. They will, , link to all of these CEOs.

And, , some of them will actually promote it to their networks and it will be liked. Hundreds and hundreds of times, because these are good people. And when they say, Hey, we were listed as you know, CEO's for these top 10. The systems or we are part of the top 10 systems. , let's, let's be honest. The health systems want.

The mentions in social media as well because having a good reputation in the community is good for their business as well. So it's. It's sort of symbiotic working together, but at the end of the day, the reason you have these articles. Is hits its eyeballs on your site. So not to be cynical, it's the same business I'm in and I appreciate why they do it. And they do it very effectively.

All right. That's all for today. Little walk through the news. Hope you enjoyed it. If you know, someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week or wherever you listen to podcasts, apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher.

You get the picture. We are everywhere. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance, Canon medical, and 📍 current health. Check them out at this week. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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