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Microsoft loves healthcare and they continue to make inroads.


today in health, it. Microsoft's moves in healthcare. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system. And creator of this week health set of channels, dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged. We want to thank our show sponsor, shor investing and developing the next generation of health leaders.

Short tests and artists. I check them out at this week. Having a child with cancer, one of the most painful and difficult situations a family can face. In 2023. To celebrate our five years with this week health, we are giving back and we are partnering with Alex's lemonade. Stand our, your long. , we have a goal to raise $50,000. We're well, up over $30,000 33, I think.

And, , we would love to have you join us, hit our website top banner. You'll see the logo for the lemonade. Stand, click on that. And go ahead and give today. We believe in the generosity of our community. And we thank you in advanced. All right, here we go. , for healthcare moves from Microsoft, where am I pulling this from?

Becker's. Becker's article. , so here we go. This is from two hours ago, in fact, so this is hot off the presses. Here are four healthcare moves from Microsoft as reported by Becker's since April of. , since April 12th. So number one, Microsoft is reportedly developing a privacy focused. Version of chat GPT for healthcare providers.

The product, which is reportedly aimed at preventing data leaks from sensitive industries could be announced by the end of the quarter. And I'm going to talk about this on our news day show with, , Jeff Blanding. , coming up here shortly. , probably in the next week or so. But, , I've been having conversations with CIO's, as you would imagine, Chiechi PT comes up a fair amount.

And the creativity of our health system personnel is just amazing. They're coming up with use cases. By the minute, but the challenge along with that, Becomes the guard rails for it. Right. We can't be, , putting Phi in there and, and PII and all that stuff. So, and everyone knows that that is going to be a challenge.

And in rides, Microsoft saying, Hey, look, we're going to create a sandbox for you that will protect your data from data leaks. And, , and, , not only for healthcare, but also other sensitive industries and this needed to happen. We should be putting guardrails around this. Now as we speak until this kind of thing is available. And by the way, this could be.

, they say what has been announced could be out by the end of the quarter. So there. , heading in that direction very rapidly. , but, , we have to put guard rails around this, , secure browsers is one way we could do it. We should always know on a clinical workstation, what information is flowing in and out of that workstation, since it's a.

Primary spot for expo exfiltration of data. We, we should make sure that that doesn't happen. And this same is true in the browser. Got to make sure that if people are putting Phi in there, that we can find it. Before they harm themselves by giving away information that we shouldn't. , number two, Microsoft is partnering with EHR vendor, epic systems to develop and integrate generative AI into the HR software with health systems, beginning to pilot, the new integrations. The two key ones that I've heard about one is a note response.

And our inbox response. And I think that is UCF. And Stanford and they are under pilot. They're even doing some studies on comparing. , generative AI developed responses for empathy and quality. Versus the responses. That are done by physicians themselves. And right now gendered AI is doing quite well.

, the other integration is putting. , chat GPT four in front of slicer, dicer, and giving it a natural language interface. So there's a, another, , opportunity for where it's being used. , number three, Microsoft said through it's a Microsoft teams, EHR connector that organizations using epic or Cerner can launch tele-health appointments.

Directly within their systems. The integration allows patients to access virtual care appointments through several different outlets, such as their browsers. , teams, app and patient provider portals or text messaging. So there you go. You have that integration. We're seeing that with teams, we're seeing it with zoom.

And, , those players went to establish themselves as the platform. That can integrate with the EHR and, , Play nicely in the workflow. And then number four, on April 12th, Microsoft rolled out a new cloud capability for payers that focuses on unlocking unstructured data for better member outreach.

And care management. It'll be interesting to see where that goes. , it's just another move for them. Makes a lot of sense. , I'm curious how that will play out as. As I'm reading that as a healthcare CIO. And I read that and think. Is that going to help us with interoperability? Or with moving movement of those datasets? I don't know that it will. I think it's a business problem. I don't think it's a technology problem.

To be honest with you. , it's an incentive. When I say business provenance, sedatives problem. So that's all for this Friday. Hope you have a great weekend. And, , Hey, if you get a chance, if you know someone that might benefit from our channel, Send them a note, shoot him an email right now, let them know they can subscribe to this week health.

, they can listen wherever they listen to podcasts, apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher. And if that doesn't work, hit our website this week. We want to thank our sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. Short test and 📍 artists. I check them out at this week. Thanks for listening that's all for now

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