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A little brainstorming this morning. 51 leaders share how they are looking to apply technology to healthcare's challenges.


Today in how flighty, how tech can solve healthcare's challenges. This is per 51 liters. We're going to be at the Becker's conference and we're going to take a look at a couple of them. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and create, or this week health, a set of channels and events dedicated to leveraging the power of community to propel healthcare forward. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders. Short tests are decide parlance. Certify health, notable and service now. Great companies check them out at this week. Health. Dot com slash today, having a child with cancer, one of the most painful and difficult situations a family can face. In 2023 to celebrate five years this week health we're working to give back. We have partnered with Alex's lemonade stand all year long. We have a goal to raise $50,000 and we're up over $55,000. That's because of the generosity of our community. We ask you to help us to plow through that number, hit our website in the top right-hand column, you're going to see a logo for the lemonade stand. Click on that to give today, we believe in the generosity of our community and you haven't let us down. All right. One last thing, share this podcast with a friend or colleague use it as a foundation for daily or weekly discussions on topics that are relevant to you in the industry. They can subscribe. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Alright, Becker's story. , it's actually a promotional story. It's promoting their upcoming conference October 3rd through the sixth. And they gave a question to 51 liters, given that there's so much financial strain that hospitals are reporting every single day. What are your top three pain points that can be solved with technology? All right. Let me pick a couple of these Michelle Stansbury, former guests on the show used to Methodist. Patient access continues to be a priority for us. You used to Methodist, we found that utilizing conversational AI and our call center can help us with patient. , patient conversion. Increased call-in capacity and cost reduction. Two examples where we have been successful is with our COVID 19 vaccine hotline and our main operator line. Another area of focus for United Methodist is using predictive analytics. Also a good topic as well. All right. So you got an idea. There's two things. So that's, that's the, just of it, given that there's so much financial strain. The hospitals are reporting every single day. What are the top three pain points that can be solved with technology? , Memorial Herman Eric Smith, senior vice president chief digital officer says while technology can solve all financial challenges faced by hospitals and health systems today. There are certain areas in which digital capabilities can streamline processes and improve efficiency, thereby helping to lower the overall cost of care. Three of the top areas in which technology can have the biggest impact today. Our digital engagement with patients as we've already heard, such as the appointment reminders and such, , to ensure optimized schedules and readiness data discovery, as it relates to gaps in patient care to maximize reimbursement opportunities. And multichannel outreach to help patients together with their providers, better manage chronic conditions, leading to fewer and more expensive. Emergency room visits. All right. So there you go. , let's see Sarah Poncelet division chair for strategy development at Mayo clinic. As this say the largest pain points in healthcare is likely our workforce shortage in critical to staff areas such as nursing and technologists. If we use technology and automation, I E AI. Robotics and process automation can reduce administrative burden. We will be investing to reduce manual tasks for our clinical care teams. That's a great. Approach. Clerical tasks such as automating discharge summaries, prioritizing. Patients for hospitalization and clinical notes are also an area. Where we are better understanding if technology could support our physicians and nurses finally investing in at home hospital solutions and remote monitoring of patients. After they've been discharged. It's an opportunity for technology to support patients. After they have been hospitalized. Okay. So there's some ideas let's see Geisinger. Here's a good one. Benjamin. Whoa. A homeopath. Chief medical information, officer CMIO, top three pain points. I love this. He lists that number one, managing total health. Risk stratifying populations and providing platforms to deliver care and managing. Utilization to drive value, efficiency and effectiveness. , improving access and ease of use, engaging and managing patients over time to improve outcomes and experience and number three, addressing labor shortages. So you've heard that before, and that makes a lot of sense. , let's see

what a Bassett MBA vice-president digital health. , digital services of Intermountain healthcare. Says, rather than pain points, I would describe tech tools. As imperatives to help everyday operations, they're all about empowerment, empowering patients to manage their health. On their time, giving caregivers the ability to focus on value added work and allowing the organization to bring more efficiency into daily work. When these things are achieved, a positive impact to financials is expected because you were do staff load and improve satisfaction. Kelly lack vice-president of revenue cycle at an avant says

number one remark, reason code standardization. , Mount electronic remittances. While we have a large code set that is supposed to be standard payers, use the codes differently. As do their remittance vendors. This makes sensitization of denial, workflows, difficult, interesting area. Our large complex, , number two, our large complex health system gets more than 100,000 pair deposits monthly. Across numerous bank accounts yet we have, we still struggle to find a comprehensive reconciliation system that will properly reconcile east deposit. Again, these repetitive. , complex tasks are interesting. , approaches and number three, a payment integrity system that would scan remittances for appropriate payment amounts per payer contracts. We have our system contract management system scanning for payments posted according to the contract. Wow. Those are three very practical. Interesting. Approaches, , you have some more here. Let's see. , Providence. , online appointment booking high no-show rates, patient loyalty. Those are three. Shakib Octa are. , chief digital innovation officer at children's hospital. Let's see if this is easy, virtual care, digital access, advanced analytics. And center as an automate, , some processes that make sense. , UPFC access tele-health. And burnout. Physician burnout. You have, , Penn state, , Milton Hershey. Let's see our commitment to leveraging technology also extends to enhancing the patient experience as an example. , our food service department, so forth, so on. , let's see. Any others here. ,

Well star mcg health admission status per authorizations. Data optimization. So when you're focused on financials, you're going to get a bunch of financial answers, I think is the. , is the gist of the story. You have a Mount Sinai hospital in, , in Mount Sinai, Queens, you have avoiding averse outcomes, redesigning workflows and enhancing digital front door. Let's see. , wow. Us Virgin islands at check-in. We provide an express check-in kiosk in patient. Accounting. And we automate contact with patients post day. So you have a lot of different ideas in here. This is worth. Taking a look at mostly because it's just a great idea board. , you're not going to get a lot of how you're going to get a lot of, , ideas on what, so there you go. How tech can solve healthcare issues per 51 liters. It's a Becker's article worth taking a look at if nothing else, it is good for, , brainstorming and getting some ideas out there. So, All right. That's all for today. If you know of someone that could benefit from this, or if you have a friend or colleague that you would like to have conversations with about topics like this, go ahead and share the podcast with them. That would really help. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. Short test artist's eye par, Lance certify health, notable and 📍 service. Now check them out at this week. Health. Dot com slash today. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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