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How is GPT-4 being used today?


 Today we're gonna talk about what I believe you can do with chat G P T four today. And why I believe it's going to be transformative for he.

 My name is Bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for our 16 hospital system and creator of this week Health. A set of channels dedicated to keeping health IT staff current and engaged. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health.

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 all right, so this is five week and actually vibe is over as you, if you were listening to this, this is Thursday of the week of five and the conference is over, as you know, cause I've told you I've been recording these ahead of time. Because I know I'm gonna be extremely busy during the conference and I'm not gonna have time to record these once I get back.

So I thought I would put these together as something you can listen to. They're not necessarily on news. I'm really covering this transformation that I see coming. As a result of these large language models of these AI models that are creeping into healthcare. And so, on Tuesday we looked at, , chat g pt and we did an interview with chat G p T for about.

Chat G P T four and it was interesting. Yeah, cuz it gave us a lot of good background information and information that we can utilize as we are exploring what chat G B T can do. As you know, I said, , tomorrow Friday we are gonna go through some of the challenges associated with chat, G P T privacy and hallucinations and those kind of things.

And I'm gonna talk to you about, , what are some of the things you should. . But today I wanna talk about some of the things that it can do. And so I spent some time yesterday playing around with it and I'm reading all these things. In fact, I, I'm gonna go to an article here cuz it ha it captured 10 innovative ways.

You can start using G p t four today. And this is from, , , market Tech Mark Tech. , so not a, not a common, , place to find things, but I was looking for use cases for G P T four and came across this one, and it's, it's pretty interesting. The first is the, , , the visualization stuff. Now, it's important to note that the visualization stuff hasn't been turned on yet.

It will be turned on soon, but it hasn't been turned on yet. And in the demo, what they showcased was they drew a sketch of what a website would look like on a napkin, and then they took a, an image of it. They gave it to G P T four and said essentially in a, in a bunch of, , go ahead and convert this into a website, including writing the HTML and the JavaScript associated with it.

And it did. Now, before you become really skeptical on this, I thought this is interesting cuz it's, it's, it's a common theme. In fact, let me go through the theme here, a couple more stories on the theme and now I'll come back to what I did. So, , number two, it can help build functional video games in no.

right. So G PT four can generate a work working code that could be used to create video games in seconds. A user when asked, , the chatbot to produce a code block for pong like Game G PT four instantly created a basic example of ping pong game using JavaScript and HTML five, , canvas api. Unlike the previous versions of G P T, the code generated by G P T four didn't require any debugging and worked in one go without any.

Okay. And then they have the post where the person has the paw game. And let's see, is there another one? I think there is another one in here. Here's another coding one. You can develop a working Chrome extension without any prior coding knowledge. TPT four can give you step by step instructions of the entire process through which Google Chrome extension can be developed.

When asked for a simple pirate themed extension using manifest version three, that would read any highlighted text on a webpage and summarize it. , the Open Chrome pop-up using pirate speak . TPT four mentioned the steps and the code through which the extension can be created in just a few hours.

Okay, so you get that idea that , it can write code. So here's what I did yesterday. I'm like, okay, great. I wanna see if this thing actually. . So, , we use WordPress and I use a couple of different apps, right? , I use Zapier, , which connects up all these various, , applications

think of it as a, a way to, it's middleware for utilizing all these APIs that exist on the internet. So we have, we have WordPress, I have Evernote, so I clip news stories all the time so that I am constantly looking at those news stories. And understanding, what's going on in the industry, right?

For this show and for other shows that I do. And when I clip those things, I now created a Zap and that Zap sends an email to my admin and that email to my admin. She then creates a list and sends it to guests of our show saying, Hey, here are some of the stories that Bill might want to discuss with you.

So that's our process. It's little, I mean, it's a little automation, , a little manual. At this point, and so I thought, all right, here's what I want to do. I want to clip that news story with Evernote, have it go into the Evernote, , which again kicks off the process for Zappier. But what I wanted to do is not only send that email to my admin, but I also wanted to, , upload, , portions of that story to our WordPress.

So WordPress has a thing called webhooks, in which case you can actually send it things and it will actually pick it up and then put it into, , put it into, , WordPress format so that it can then be displayed on your website. , but you need code, you need custom code in order to do this and to do it correctly.

Because there's a bunch of stuff I'm not gonna share just from a security standpoint of how we're doing things. But, , what I ended up doing was I went out to chat g p t four and I said, I'd like an application that does this. I wanted to use this naming convention. I wanted to utilize webhooks. I wanted to, you know, and I, I essentially gave.

As much, and this is as much of a prompt as I could so that it would be clear. And I did the first prompt and I came back with the code and I looked at it and said, Hmm, I should've given it more on the prompt. So I updated the prompt about two or three more times, and then I got the code and I looked at it and I'm like, yeah, this is right.

This is, this is, this will work. And again, the, the thing that was different is when they talk about creating the game and whatnot, that's, that's green. I'm talking about fitting into something that was, has already been written . So I needed to make sure that the naming conventions, the documentation, all that stuff was accurate to our conventions.

And so once I gave it the right prompt and it understood what I was looking for, it generated this code. I put the code out there. Sure enough, boom, it worked. All right, so that just gives you an idea of, of what it can do. It's going to put programming in the hands of creative. That aren't programmers.

You might be saying, Hey, I don't code. Well, here's my my case on this. You could code and think about this from an RPA standpoint and other things. If you have. Well, , if you have good applications that have a set of APIs, you can educate, chat g, PT four on those APIs, and you could start writing this middleware code that can automate things that you may not have automated in your IT environment before.

Something to consider, something to think about. , number three, G P T four can pass and show human level performance in almost every examination. And that too with some good scores. So they talk about the chat, G P T. , , past examinations like the LSAT gre, S a t, the bar exam, the bar exam law at a 90th percentile.

Think about that law school admission test at, at the 88th percentile. So there's a, , company that actually, , think about G P T as a writer, an organizer, a summarizer that you can assign tasks to, right? And it has an API so you can pass stuff to it and receive stuff. . Now the API is in test mode and you have to apply for it.

So it's not really ready yet, but that's where this thing is going. Number five, G p t four can provide valuable context of an image and explain the. Behind it.

And they showcase this in the demo as well, where it can look at an image, identify what's going on in that image with an amazing amount of clarity. So they're starting to bring these two things together of, , image recognition, recognition, and writing. And by the way, it's audio's right behind. , they don't talk about it much, but audio is right behind it.

G p T four can be used to handle legal matters. And this is what I was talking about. Don't do not pay the legal services. Chatbot works extremely well with G PT four. It generates one click lawsuits. Pursuing robocalls for $1,500. One can simply generate a lawsuit of a thousand words upon receiving a call by clicking a button, followed by the transcription of the.

Wow. , number seven, G P t four works well for assisting parents in their daily chores. This talks again about the integrations that exist that you can utilize. , the, the organization is Milo and it's just a way of organizing your life if you are a busy parent. Number eight, latest G p t four powered.

Bing can answer complex questions. We already know that. , the other thing that's happening so recent Duolingo. Powered by G P T four can be used to learn a language quickly. Du lingo. The educational technology application has a number of new features that can help a user learn a new language efficiently.

The newly introduced DUO lingo Max can provide AI powered personal feedback to the users in their lessons and even help them practice tasks like ordering a cup of coffee or planning a trip. Through a role play in incredibly powerful, again, MultiLing, multilingual here is what we're talking about. So great application of that, of this, and could be something.

Think about it. I mean, in Southern California where I was, we had many, many languages. We had interpreters that we had to bring in and whatnot. Is there an application here that could be utilized? , the final one they have in here is the Khan Academy, G p t four Powered Chatbot. Can be used to explain tough concepts and provide clear answers.

So it is literally a tutor for students. So if you're having trouble with calculus, it can teach calculus and concepts around calculus. If you're having trouble around, you know, just basic math, algebra, , you name it, it can teach those mathematical expressions and I'm sure it doesn't stop there. That's the one they talk about and it's.

you know, it's, it's really powerful and really interesting. The other one I was looking at yesterday, this isn't in the article, but it's worth considering, is, you know, one of the things with these, with, with these, , new models that we're seeing in these new things that are being released is that there is a, , what's the best word for it?

there's a skill involved in writing the prompts, and so there was a new release of

And this one's really interesting because, you know, there's, there's a whole bunch of AI models being released and the one that was just released as well is called Mid Journey version five. And this is around generating just absolutely amazing. graphical images and it can do them and they're unbelievably realistic photos.

But the key to this is you have to know a bunch of stuff and you have to do the inputs correctly. And I watched this video and it was really interesting because what they did is they took the documentation on this and they went back into chat, G P T four, and they, they essentially said, chat G P T four.

I'm gonna want you to create prompts around, , four photorealistic images around these 10 prompts. And it, and if you understand this, just respond with Yes, it responds yes. And it said, here are the parameters. And it started to educate. It started to take the documentation and feed it to it a little bit at a time.

Here's the, , syntax and here's the, , the different variables, and here's the what. and then it started, and then after they had gotten all that into it, they said, okay, generate the first one and it would generate the first one. The set of prompts. They copy and pasted that set of prompts over to Mid Journey version five, and it generated four incredibly realistic images.

Now, each one of these models has challenges. The mid journey version five, you know, a couple of the images they had to create had five, had six fingers on one. Or something to that effect. You know, it's, it's, it's not perfect yet, but the images were just, were stunning. I mean, because what happens is they said, Hey, create a, , a Viking, fill in the blank, whatever it happened to be.

And when the, , G P T four actually created the prompt, it said, creative Viking in this, you know, u utilizing this F-stop and all these camera. Type, , parameters and then utilize this background, fade this in, and all this, it, it, it took a whole bunch of other stuff and added it to it, and when it came back, it had, it had created these, these just amazing images.

So I, I, I give you these things as sort of templates, not templates, templates is too strong of a word, but as idea starters, right? There's a lot of things this thing can do. I am, again, pushing my team. I have my team looking at it right now. , how we could utilize it, how we can integrate it. We're looking at the APIs, we're looking at different things that we can do.

I know if I were a CIO at a health system right now and I had a team of people, I would, I would absolutely, , be, , I, I mean, I'd stand up a special group. I would have each group looking at. I'm not sure how I would do it, but I would have them looking at this saying. There are significant ramifications to healthcare.

There's significant ramifications to healthcare and health. It, , to transcription, to efficiency, to a lot of things, and I would, I would be trying to explore what those things are and trying to get ahead of them as quickly as possible.

 Well, that's all for today. If you know of someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. I'm serious here. Think of it right now. Who could you forward a note to and say, Hey, you should be listening to this channel. I'm getting a lot out of it.

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Stitcher and I could go on and on and on because anywhere that a podcast can be listened to, we're already out there. We wanna thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. Sure. Test and 📍 Artis site. Check them out at this week,

Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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