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Consumer expectations. We used to not care so much about such terms in healthcare, but we do that today at our own peril.


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 All right. I was looking through the headlines and some of the stories I've been clipping and a couple of interesting ones. First one, Amazon pharmacy rolls out service for unlimited generic drug prescriptions. Four or $5 a month. And I think this really lends itself to the whole idea that we can not let up on consumer experience because the industry is not letting up on consumer experience.

And it's being transformed as we speak. And with the transformation of the consumer experience, expectations will continue to change. All right. Here's the story. Amazon rolled out a new prescription drug subscription for prime members called RX pass. That will ship generic medications to customers' homes for a flat monthly fee of $5 a month.

Prime members can use the new service to order commonly prescribed. Generic medications to treat more than 80 common health conditions, including high blood pressure acid reflux. And the service includes free delivery RX pass, which is available starting Tuesday. And most us states includes 50 generic.

Drugs. According to John Love vice-president of Amazon pharmacy to the aim is to provide affordable access to commonly prescribed generic medications. And I could give you more of this, but at. For the most part, you get the picture of what this is about. And it goes on to talk about their acquisition of PillPack and the history. And that's launching in, it says it's launching in 48 states, but I went over to their website, pharmacy dot,

Slash RX pass. And it says it's launching in 42 states. There you go. And then eligible medications. , it gives you the list of the medications. And, , let's see, subscribe for five bucks. Look for your RX pass. Add your medications. , save up to 68% on each medication with RX pass. Who does RX pass benefit? Most prime members paying more than $5 a month for medications, anyone taking a generic medication that's eligible for our express.

People who pay out of pocket for their medication. , and then it has Q and a, and it has all the medications. That you can look up. Down the bottom. The, , interesting thing on this as you would imagine with Amazon, very clean website, very easy to get started. , call the actions are easy to find.

And a simple to understand it's a really well-designed. , website and approach to this service. Anyway, consumer experience. Expectations. That's what we're talking about. Next story. Dollar general teams up with doco to pilot bowl clinics. So let's see. , dollar general and publicly traded tele-health and medical transportation company.

, doco partnered to pilot mobile clinics at three of the discount retailers stores in Tennessee. According to the company's website, doco will set up their mobile clinics in dollar generals. Parking lots. The clinic will accommodate walk-in visits or an appointment can be booked online. Via text or by telephone patients can receive preventative care, urgent care and chronic condition management services.

For diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and CLPD. The larger trend in 2020 $1 general announced plans to expand its healthcare offerings and establish itself as a healthcare destination. The company appointed Dr. Albert. Woo. As its first chief medical officer in July dollar general announced the appointment of four members to its healthcare advisory panel, who would offer strategies on how the discount retailer could expand into healthcare? The additions include . Well,

A bunch of people, , with great credentials in 2021 doco, formerly ambulance, a M B U L N Z. Yeah. That's creative. Related to plans to merge and go public with special purpose acquisition company, motion, acquisition, Corp. Last week, the company announced its partnership with redirect health, a platform offering on demand, urgent care, mobile care to residents of New Jersey and New York dollar general is another edition.

To the many retailers looking to make their way into care delivery. Earlier this month, CVS health. Led an investment round in virtual psychiatry and therapy platform, array behavioral care, and in September announced plans to acquire a value-based healthcare platform. Signify health for approximately $8 billion.

Again, I'm going to lump these things today. I would talk about other things. , as we move forward, but I'm going to lump these things into the, , new competition, new expectations, consumer experience. Dollar. General's an interesting one. , CVS and Walgreens are battling it out and , I don't know if. Urban centers is ripe, but, , definitely population centers, dollar general is in other places. Right. So they're going to be going after. , the rural market and they are going to become a destination for care. , their competition in that space is Walmart and plus a telehealth providers, a as well as, , some other players who are looking to transform how we deliver.

Rural health care. So I say all this to say, The expectations of the consumer will continue to ratchet up. Kara is coming to them. In ways that they can consume it at lower cost. At a more convenient access points. And, , more and more players are driving money into it. , ignore this at your own peril. , not that necessarily each of these things is going to be successful. I believe that Amazon pharmacy has gone through several iterations and I think it will be successful. And it's iteration dollar general. , three pilot sites in Nashville,

Obviously doc, going to take over rural health care. Anytime soon, but it's the start of a process. And the process started year and a half ago or so when they appointed a. A M. , chief medical officer who also looked at what they're selling on the shelves. And now is essentially saying, look, let's become a destination. And so with this partnership, they're becoming a destination for care, at least in these three locations.

You know, The jury is still out. The question remains. Can retail clinics. Set themselves up as a destination for healthcare. , regardless.

Expectations are changing, which means we have to continue to think about the consumer experience. We have to continue to combat costs. Increases. That is going to drive patients. , to seek alternative. Methods of care. So all the things we are doing right now has to be centered on the patient, the patient.

Is going to dictate how care gets delivered in the future. We're not talking about high acuity care, high acuity care. No one's coming after. That that level of care is fairly safe from a competitive standpoint. The problem is that it is also an extremely high cost. , form of care, right? We have to have the campuses. We have to have all the equipment, all the personnel in order to deliver the high acuity care and it's complex. No one is arguing that it isn't complex, that it isn't rocket science.

But essentially what they're saying is you can have it. We're going to start to deliver care in different ways that leverages our capabilities. I guess the question I would ask if I were a health system is. What could we leverage that? No one else could, if they're handing us the high acuity care, is there something in that that gives us the ability to reach our communities in a different way?

Establish ourselves as the preferred partner. In health for our communities, for the people in our communities. Right. And in doing so, , unlock a whole host of other services that we can then begin to offer and experiences quite frankly, health experiences for our community. I don't know what those are, but if I was in a room thinking about.

What is the future of our health system in the community? I would be thinking, what can we leverage? What do we have that no one else does. And we have the high acuity care probably at a very high. Quality level. And convenience level four for high acuity care. And so if you have that, if you've. Mark that position as yours.

There has to be something in that that you could leverage. To be the preferred health partner. Uh,, people in your community. Just a thought.

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