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Tech Concierge has been well received by the health systems that have chosen to deliver these services. Today we explore the concept.


Today in health, it does your health system have a tech concierge. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO. For a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health, a set of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders.

Gordian dynamics, Quill health Taos site nuance, Canon medical, and current health. Check them out at this week. All right. I , came across the story. And the reason I picked this story out is because I've talked to several over the course of this year, and they've taught, talk to me about how effective these types of services.

In bed. So I thought. , when I found this story, I thought I'd pull it out. Give you a few details and talk a little bit about what they're doing. So the article comes from senior housing The places I go to find stories for you all. Here we go. Senior living operators take cues from Apple's genius bar with tech concierge roles.

Older adults have embraced technology, amid the pandemic to stay connected, and that has given rise to a relatively new type of community position. The tech concierge. One part akin to the apple genius. One part senior living worker. These staffers are capable of handling tech support for residents.

With the skill of an activities director. Who is fluent in customer service and given the number of older adults using the ever complicated array of voice activated smart home and wearable wellness devices. It is a position. A growing number of operators are adopting. And it goes on to talk watermark retirement communities is one senior living operator that took that approach and they put this.

In place. And, , they're essentially finding huge amount of uptake with the senior community who are looking to use technology in their health, in connecting with their families and other things to that effect. Okay, so I'm not going to go through. It's actually a pretty long story. Pretty interesting, , detail about how they're doing this in the senior living community.

So I pull this story out really to highlight how successful these programs are. And if you haven't done them, it's an opportunity for you to really think through this level of service. To, , your community, to. , your patients. ,

I've spoken with several CEOs throughout this year. , Theresa Meadows comes to mind. Chad person, Diane comes to mind who have implemented this level of service in their hospitals, a, an area, a specific area within the hospital. That a patient or a family could go to and

get support around the applications that they're being prescribed because, uh, support around the applications that can help them to manage and monitor their health.

And both of them. I really wanted us to know how well received they have been both on the clinical side and on the patient side

and you know, I think the other thing that I liked about this story.

That really stuck out to me is from time to time. Not as much anymore, but from time to time, I would hear from people. That, , there's a generation gap of the use of technology. And I think, you know, the way technology is being used, there is a generation gap, but at the end of the day, , technology's back communicating it's about sharing information. It's about enabling convenience, , in your life. And there isn't a generation on this planet that doesn't benefit from the use of technology. And I. I believe. Hopefully that, that old thought process that the senior generation doesn't use technology is going out the window because it's just not accurate.

And, you know, today. We get on calls with our parents and they are using FaceTime, just like we're using FaceTime and they're using zoom just like we're using zoom. And they're getting on Facebook and they're doing Google searches on their health. So. , that has happening. And, , we need to be cognizant of the fact of the needs, not only of that community, but all the way down to children's hospitals and ,

The challenges that people have, because typically if they're going to a children's hospital, it's high acuity care for children. And they will get prescribed some apps that could ease that journey and provide a level of comfort to the parents as they move forward. So again, , just wanted to highlight these kinds of services. If you haven't taken advantage of it already.

, you may want to do that. And I will try to do some interviews with people that have implanted these things and point you in that direction. , once we do that.

So that's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week or wherever you listen to podcasts, apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher. And you get the picture. We are everywhere. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders, Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance, Canon medical, and 📍 current health. Check them out at this week. Thanks for listening.

That's all for now.

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