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Today we look back at a TownHall episode .. Reid Stephan, VP and CIO at St. Luke's Health System interviews Michelle Stansbury, VP of Innovations and IT Operations at Houston Methodist on Houston's plan to disrupt Health IT.


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Today in health, it I'm on vacation. So I'm going to be highlighting some of the great content we have on town hall. And so this is going to be an episode from a town hall host. And their guest more on that in a minute. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health. A set of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff current and engaged. We would think our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders, accordion dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance.

Canon medical and current health. Check them out at this week. All right, I'm on vacation this week. So I'm taking this time to highlight the great interviews that our hosts have done on the town hall show.

Today we have read Stephen CIO's at St. Luke's in Boise, Idaho, and Michelle Stansbury. With , methodists out of Euston. and she's going to talk about their innovation journey love this conversation here you go.

I love how transparent you are about, about what you're doing and what you have the website that talks about. The strategy, the organizational structure, what you're working on. And I think you've been involved with that from the start. Can you just share your perspective on the journey, things that you've learned, what you're most proud of with this center of innovation?

our journey started about four years ago when there was really about three or four of us, it really started looking out kind of overall in the industry and what caught our eye was. digital health technology was just kind of coming up, around and,

the conference server circuits and kind of talking through it. But the other piece that was up and coming were All of these outside influencers who were getting into healthcare, thinking they were going to solve healthcare. They weren't really trying to build hospitals but they thought they could make the healthcare process easier. And so if you relay that back to digital technology and other industries. Airline banking food, all of that has been made so much easier with us from our smart phones.

And so this group of us, we kind of started looking around and thinking we need to do something. And it was almost, we took this approach of, we can either let these outside influencers disrupt us or we can disrupt ourselves. And that's what we decided to do. And so we kind of created this small, our Chief Innovation Officer, she calls it like a book club and it was, okay, you all start researching, finding out what's out there, really kind of starting off in the patient access area. What's going on. And we would meet on a weekly basis. And so we called ourselves the DIOP group. And it was digitally innovative obsessed people.


our CEO absolutely loved it. Stuck. He won't let us change us, even though we have formerly created our center for innovation. But what we found was clearly there were opportunities for us within overall our organization of how we could disrupt ourselves. And that's where it is that it has started.

And we continue to do that. And I,

I would say probably one of the things that. Extremely proud of is all the things that we have done on the front end to make that process for our patients getting services from us, much easier than it ever was before. I mean, we've made scheduling easier on the phone we've created where they can text us.

And it's, bi-directional texting where they absolutely love it. We've created these care pathways with,

an outside vendor that we use. Give sort of bite size information, which is what patients want. They don't like these long drawn,

individual notes, tell them everything you have to do right before you come in and everything, what you have to do outside.

And it's given it to them in their preference of communication. I mean, we've seen a reduction in length of stay. We've seen our H cap scores go way up,


our readmission rates go way down. So,

that was really a,

a good. Implementation force as well, as I said, it was on the texting.

I think our probably next biggest area that we really believe. And I know you and I have talked about this is voice. And so we did one of the things that we do within ourselves. We do what we call a family review. So we get an idea about something that we need to change or make better. And so we began to do this family review of products.

Well, what's out there. Who's the new vendors that we're looking at,

who has the best product. It may not be a well-known company or something that is. Very widely distributed amongst other health systems. But if it's new, then we bring it in and we test it, we test it, we pilot it. And then if the pilot successful, we will deploy it.

And the one thing about our Diop group that I will say that has been extremely beneficial for us because when we say, and I know a lot of people say this, we fell fast or we succeeded. And the reason we are able to do that is because we all hold these dual roles. Even our chief innovation officer, she is our CEO of our largest hospital in our health system.

And she's our innovation myself, the reason the dual titles being an it applications and an innovation. Not, it takes a lot of additional work for those people who hold these dual roles. But guess what, we know where our problems are in our institution and they're all somewhat different for everyone. And if we pilot something and it's successful, we know how to roll it out quickly across our organization, because you're talking about operations and it partnering together to make it happen, but kind of getting back to voice.

we looked, we know that there's nuance, that's out there. A couple of other products. We saw some functionality lacking. And so we partnered with one of the largest voice vendors that are out there,

with Amazon, because look, they do it extremely well. And so we've built our own ambient listening product.

We've built a product that we use in our ORs, and we're now really partnering with them on how can we utilize voice within nursing. To help with the documentation burden that they have as well.

we've got Alexa devices in all our rooms. We've got iPads and our rooms as well. So why not utilize those pieces of technology to help the efficiencies with overall within our clinic clinical staff?


it, what I would tell you. What we have found extremely beneficial is when I talk about partnerships with vendors, especially these new vendors, they've sometimes they have a product that's working in maybe a smaller institution, and they're looking for a really big health system to modify it, make it better so that they could sell it.

that's, what's been great for us. I cannot tell you there's probably five use cases that we've had with vendors, where we took their small niche product that they had, and we helped them develop it. So now that it's multifunctional, it is not just that small niche function that they were looking at and it's really helped us.

And we've done it very quickly.

Fantastic. So keep checking back for more of these great interviews. I wouldn't be returning from my vacation on August 8th. We did prerecord some news day episodes. So every Monday you're going to have a nude news day episode, and then we'll be dropping these interviews until I returned on August 8th.

So that's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note. They can subscribe on our website this week health. Dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts, apple, Google, overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, you get the picture. We are everywhere. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are invested in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders.

Gordian dynamics, Quill health tau site nuance, Canon medical, and current health. Check them out at this week. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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