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Milestones are important markers of what we've accomplished and what we can do. Today we talk about marking the milestones of our team in order to build off of those successes in the future. I hope you enjoy.


today in health. It celebrating life's. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system and creator of this week health instead set of channels dedicated to keeping health it staff, current and engaged.

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All right. Tonight. I am on my way to Waco, Texas, as you can probably hear in the background, you might hear the car and the sounds of driving between Dallas and Waco. We are on our way down there and no, we are not visiting with chip and Joanna Gaines. Although that would be a lot of fun. Instead, I'm going down to Waco to watch my youngest graduate from Baylor in three short years.

And yes, I am very proud. She has gotten the best scout. Program out there, which is to graduate in three years. Uh, just an amazing accomplishment. The whole experience got me to thinking, how do we mark and celebrate milestones? I think sometimes we allow the daily demands to get in the way of recognizing and celebrating the amazing achievements in our lives.

I'll spare you some of the personal, although you could probably extrapolate it from some of the stories I'm going to tell, but I am reminded of our go live, uh, 16 hospitals over six months. I live with a new EHR , but it wasn't just those six months, it represented two years of work prior to that.

And at the end of it, we budgeted for a big party. And as you know, the go live, isn't the end of the work. In some ways it's, it's only the beginning, but at some point you have to stop and say, look at what we did and you have to stop and say, thank you. I ended up visiting each table at that. And just said, thank you.

And in that time we laughed about our times and Lubbock. We remembered the tear that we experienced when the Citrix server ran out of licenses on the morning of the go live, we had a 45 minute setback, you know, it's funny in hindsight and it was amazing to think about how the team was able to hack the license server and, uh, make it all work that morning until we could get the licensing worked out.

The team was proud and they should be, they represented a lot of work, dedication and professionalism. And that was a special moment in our journey as a system and in our journey as an it team, my daughter, who I love dearly asked us not to come to graduation, uh, in her mind, it wasn't that much of an accomplishment.

And she was so bored at her brother and sister's graduation that she doesn't want to put anyone else through it.

There will be some who say that a celebration is frivolous spending, or you could spend the time better doing something else. It might be premature until we complete the optimization and really make the system work well for the clinicians. But in waiting a lot of times you miss the point celebrations, mark milestones, milestones are markers that you lay out that you can look back on and say, Got what I've done.

Look at what we've done. I bet we can do it again. I bet. Not only can we do that again, but we can do even greater things because we have that in our memory of something great that we were able to accomplish. My soul, what on this is, are we taking the time to identify the milestones for our teams? Are we creatively celebrating those accomplishments? Do we celebrate in a way that makes it a milestone so that we can look back on it and we can build upon it?

My daughter's graduation. Wasn't that hard because she is smart. She is organized and she works really hard, but regardless she will take on even more challenging things as she moves into this world. And I will point her back to this and tell her you did that. It may have been easy for you, but that is because you are smart.

You were organized and you worked hard. And I bet if you apply that same formula to. Over the next hurdle is in your life. You're going to find success. Her graduation tomorrow will be a milestone to build from that's all for today. If you know someone that might benefit from our channel, please forward them a note.

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