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today in health, it we're going to talk apples. Announcement yesterday, they had the apple event and they talked about a bunch of things. We'll give you a brief overview, but I'm going to share what I think is the most practical application for us. In healthcare. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system. And creator of this week health, a set of channels and events dedicated to leveraging the power of community. To propel healthcare forward. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investing in developing the next generation of health leaders. Short test artist site. Parlance certified health, notable and service. Now check them out. At this week, As you know, we've partnered with Alex's lemonade, stand to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer. This month is childhood cancer awareness month. And we're excited. I mean, we set the goal to raise $50,000 from our community and you guys did not disappoint. We are up over $50,000 for the year. We asked you to join us. We'd like to plow through that number, hit our website. In the top right-hand column, you're going to see the logo for the lemonade. Stand, click on that to give today. We believe in the generosity of our community. And we thank you in advance. Alright, one last thing that you do to help us out, share this podcast with a friend or colleague, use it as a foundation for daily or weekly discussions on topics that are relevant to you and the industry. They can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. All right, apple did their announcement. And I'm going to tell you right now. The easiest way for you to get up to speed on Apple's announcement. Because it's an hour and roughly an hour 20 minutes now I did watch it. And took some notes. , but the easiest way, go out to Google, do a search, say list for me, all the things that were talked about on the apple announcement, that's the easiest way to get it. I'm not going to be comprehensive here. There's very little with regard to healthcare. I think the. Well, actually the opening video was interesting because they highlighted all the ways that apple products are saving people's lives. And there's a vignette in there of a girl who had abnormal heart rhythms. They ended up identifying cancer. And she is now cancer free. I don't know the whole story and. I'm sharing this to healthcare people, and you guys are gonna have lots of questions. I don't, I don't have answers for them. It was just a little vignette and a little snippet. I think the only other healthcare announcement. , and really this whole event was sort of devoid of healthcare at this time, but the only other healthcare announcement was the apple watch and the ability to essentially record via voice your health events. Right. So you can record. , how you're feeling today, you can record emotional stage. And it will go directly into apple health. The other thing is you can actually request information out of apple health. You know, what was my heart rate? For the run that I did this morning and that kind of stuff. And it'll respond. With those kinds of things. With the faster technology with the more improved, , , voice recognition and whatnot. We're seeing some advancements in that space. And I think that's, , you know, that's only going to continue, but for the most part, healthcare was not the main thrust of this. I would say, if you asked me what. Was the main thrust of this. I think sustainability was one thing that they weaved in over and over again into this. And then the rest of it was faster, better, stronger. , And it's not that it's not impressive. It was extremely impressive, but, , it was all the things that you think it would be. So there's an apple watch series nine it's faster, it's stronger. It uses less. , power. It's a brighter and dimmer. , screen so that when you need it to be bright, it's brighter when you need it to be dim. It's dimmer. And it does all the things that the apple watch would do. , they added one feature, which was interesting. And that's the double tap when you only have access to one hand. And the watch is running and you want to answer a phone call, hang up a phone call or take a picture. You can actually just double tap two fingers. The two fingers of the. , the hand that your watch is on and it will actually activate whatever that is. They do that with the accelerometer and some other things. , that they're monitoring your hand. And so that's a feature, you'll start to see ads around that. The S there's a sustainability sustainability video that you're probably going to see. They're probably going to air it where mother nature comes into the apple office and they talk about their, , carbon neutral footprint and what they're aiming to do by 2030, it's their apple 2030 initiative. If you have a sustainability initiative, , I would take two things from this one is. The video from a communication standpoint is extremely effective. And number two, they are making the world aware of their progress in that space. So. , again, no reason to have initiatives, if you're not going to communicate it well throughout your entire organization, get everybody on board. And then the second thing is, , you know, essentially. , track the progress and make the progress that, , you are talking about. , there is, you know, there's a AppleWatch ultra too, which is more for fitness and going into a crazy places. It has a 36 hour battery life, so forth and so on. But again, 96% recycled, 95% recycled materials and whatnot. , But, , not much there faster, stronger, better, , the apple watch. And this is going to disappoint apple fans again, if you want it, if you want the full announcement, just go. Look at these things, the apple watches are apple, iPhone 15 is all the things that you think it is. It's, , you know, it's faster, has a better screen. , all the pro features for the fifth for the, , 14 have moved to the 15. So you have, , the Ola display, the retina XDR you have. , brighter, knits, so forth and so on. You have different screen sizes, 6.1 display 6.7 display. So a little bigger, , than they were before. , they introduced titanium. Which makes it a harder and they have the, , ceramic shell kind of thing on the front, which makes it, , , better. And then they talk an awful lot about the processing power, which you would imagine has gotten better. And enables a better gaming. , better, , , camera and camera enhancements on both the 15 pro pro backs. Again, you're not tuning into this to hear all of these kinds of things, but, , You know, it's fascinating. And then they have spatial video. You can actually do spatial video with these. , phones as well. What's my takeaway for healthcare. Oh, I'm sorry. And the USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 instead of the lightning port. , and I think that's mostly out of a response to the EU pushing in that direction. So, , plus you get faster downloads and whatnot through USB-C. , port. What's my, so what for you in healthcare and healthcare? It. It is. , taking a product management approach to your projects. And we started to do this towards the tail end of my time at St. Joe's. And we started to assign people as product managers, over things like, , different features within the EHR and different applications and different. , , even hardware projects and things like our easy past projects and whatnot, we had a, a product management kind of approach to it. And because we did that, we had releases. And each release had a new set of features and new things, and we set release cycles and whatnot and communication plans around those things. And I think that's the biggest takeaway for this. Every year you can count on an apple event and the apple event, you can find out what's new on this series of things, by the way, they have multiple events throughout the year. You can have the event on the, , the worldwide developer conference. You get a lot of, , the iOS things and the things that are changing in iOS. Plus you'll get updates on. , new products like, , vision pro and, , the Mac. , devices that are out there. I think this is a powerful methodology to adopt. If you are a healthcare it organization, I think the ability for people to recognize that you have release cycles on these things and they will have an. Well, apple doesn't do this, but you would do this. You would make people aware of the features that you're looking to implement, then you would have a release. Then you would talk about those. Things potentially create videos, maybe not as expensive as the ones that apple did. I relied heavily on videos. At St. Joe's we would create videos. We'd send them out. We would have them hosted, , so that people could come in and see those videos and get an idea of the things that we were building and moving forward. It's very powerful videos are very powerful communication tool and extremely helpful. So my, so what on this is adopt a product management approach to your software and hardware really releases. And make it so that there's an event every so many months where you're releasing things. , create videos, Creek communication. , plants and that kind of stuff. Act like your apple. And make the masses aware of the things that are happening. In the absence of information, people will fill it in. And a lot of times they fill it in with a negative. So it is, , really incumbent upon us to build the narrative and get it out there. All right. That's all for today. , don't forget while you're at it. , share this podcast with a friend or colleague, we would really appreciate it. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. Short test artists. I parlance certified health, notable and 📍 service. Now check them out at this week, health. Dot com slash today. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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