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Amazon invests $4bn into AI firm Anthropic, competing with Google, Microsoft in AI race. Attains minority ownership, promotes generative AI development, propels Anthropic's competition with ChatGPT's developer OpenAI. Today we discuss.


Today in health, it Amazon enters the gen AI race officially. My name is bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for 16 hospital system and creator of this weak health set of channels and events dedicated to leveraging the power of community to propel healthcare forward. We want to thank our show sponsors who are investigating, developing the next generation of health leaders.

Short test are decide parlance, certified health, notable and service. Now check them out at this week. As you know, we partnered with Alex's lemonade stand all year long. We set a goal for $50,000. We've raised $55,000. And we expect to plow through that number. If you want to join us, click on, go to our website top right hand column of the homepage. You're going to see a link to the lemonade stand. And go ahead and click on that to give today. We believe in the generosity of our community and we thank you in advance. , one last thing, share this podcast with a friend or colleague, get the conversation started. You said as a foundation for daily or weekly discussions on topics that are relevant to you in the industry. They can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. All right. This is a story from, let's see, CNBC, Amazon to invest up to $4 billion in anthropic a rival to chat GPT. Developer open AI. Okay. Here's key points. As you know, CNBC story, they just have the key points right at the top. And it's really. , this will probably end up being pretty short. I'm just going to cover this e-commerce giant. Amazon on Monday, said it will invest up to 4 billion in artificial intelligence from anthropic and take a minority ownership position in the company. The move underscores Amazon's aggressive AI push, as it looks to keep pace with rivals such as Microsoft. And alphabet, Google. The two firms on Monday said that they are forming a strategic collaborative to advance gender of AI. With the startups selecting Amazon web services as its primary cloud vendor. So that in and of itself is pretty interesting. I'm going to hit another source over here. He says, , Amazon has been diligently working to catch up with Microsoft, which has in invested. Billions and open AI and Google. The company's investment in the anthropic as a significant step in the right direction. AWS customers who wish to build on anthropic AI models will have the option to do so with Amazon bedrock. This is a service that allows users to construct gender of AI applications. In the cloud through existing models instead of having to train their own. And then finally, as part of the agreement, Amazon will also become anthropic source for custom chips for use in training and deploying its unique AI systems. This partnership will give the e-commerce giant a leg in the race against Nvidia. And so there you have it. That actually is from national CA the national CIO. Review, which is curated content thought leadership and technology news. There you go. , so again, very, , Very interesting move. It is a. I guess it's an, a. A defensive or offensive move. Right? So it's offensive from the chip and the AWS hosting perspective. It's defensive. And that they are, , playing catch-up at this point. With the other players that are out there who are making progress. You know, one of the things that it has become common in my interviews and discussions with CEOs is they almost apologize for saying AI or generative AI because it comes up so often. And I'm not sure we should be apologizing. My week. This week was pretty interesting. I had a few extra cycles actually last weekend. I had a few extra cycles. And started playing around with a different web-based integrations that we utilize over here at this week. Health. And some of the backend is, , open AIS. Chatsy PT four. And, , we have texting applications that we've connected to and some other things. And it took me about eight hours to develop a new portion of our website. You can actually see it. You go to this week, And click on the news button. The news button is a set of stories that are curated from the internet. It's essentially, it's very similar to real clear politics. And the concept was pretty simple. It is. Can we create as an industry? , way to curate the best articles on various topics within health. It. That was the concept. And it was, it had to be simple, had to be easy, had to be easy, to maintain, easy to submit and curate an article. And so what I did is. , created a way for the curators to text an article. If you're on your phone, you find an article and then you hit share the article and you just text it to a number that I give to the curators. And that whole process, as you know, if you've ever shared it to, , like Evernote or texted it to somebody else, it's the same process. You just share the story, text and awake.

The, , the integration, I have picks up that text. It runs through chat GPT, four creates summary. And, , captures, you know, what, , what. , article where the, what the source of the article is. And some other details on the, , on the article itself. And, , it then. As the editor, remember the perfect machine. We talked about this, such an Adela, talked about the perfect machine and the best way to use. These kinds of generative AI tools because they do make mistakes and it is to use it in the design construct of a co-pilot. And so it is not the pilot. It is not taking control of our website, but it actually sends me a message on my phone through, , one of the tools that we use as well. I'm not giving you the details cause. As, you know, with security, you just don't give out all these details, but essentially it, , and one of the tools that's prevalent for our organization, it sends me a message. I then look at, look at what it's collected, how it's collected it and the summary. And I just essentially give it an emoji. It's that simple. I give it an emoji either. Thumbs up, thumbs down. Or different kinds of things, depending on what I'm trying to do. If I give it a thumbs up, it publishes it to the website. That's it. It's that simple. And so what you had is a process where we have curators out in the industry. And at some point I'm going to solicit more curators. So if you're interested, you can reach out to me who, , are going to be reviewing stories every morning, which is what we normally do. Right. We hit. We hit a social media or our favorite sites. And we see what stories are out there. When you see something that's interesting. You click on that story. You're reading that story. You say. While this should go on the, on this week, health. You just hit share text. It comes to, , an editor at this week health. They review it, give it a thumbs up, thumbs down, you get a text message back immediately that says. Hey, this story wasn't approved for whatever reason or this story was approved and it goes on the site. So again, it's that design construct. So why. CEO's are apologizing. I think because it's talked about so much, but one of the reasons I don't want CEO's to apologize is the absolute power of this tool is pretty doggone amazing. , and in about eight hours created a process for the entire industry. To curate and aggregate. A series of stories. On the internet. And, , You know, it's, it's a. It is that powerful? And when we talk about it within healthcare over hearing is summaries summarizing information, just like we do with these stories. It summarizes information really well. So when you think about a longitudinal patient record, summarizing that care across the ICU, summarizing that care, that's something that takes people a fair amount of time today to go through the entire medical record. To collect additional medical records and that kind of stuff and summarize it for that complex care. That's the kind of thing that generative AI does really well now, maybe not chatty PT. maybe it is Chacha. T4, maybe it's through Microsoft. Maybe it's through Amazon, maybe it's through Google, but there are opportunities to take tasks that take people a fair amount of time. And reduce those significantly. Now we have to figure out how to do the error checking. And one of the conversations we, I did a couple interviews this week. One of the conversations we have. Is, , almost a QA checker or an antagonist. To the GPT four or the, a generative AI models. That goes back and checks it and, you know, With prompts goes back and ask the questions. I didn't see that. Medication in that, , in that medical record. And then the, the general VA I could come back and you can actually create a conversation between multiple. , tools. It doesn't necessarily have to be the QA checker doesn't necessarily have to be generic. It could be different, a different AI model so that you don't have the same kind of mistakes going back and forth. So really powerful tool, a lot of new concepts coming to the forefront as we. Expand the number of use cases within healthcare. As we expand the use cases across industries. I think it's okay to talk about Jane AI. I think it's okay. To continue the conversation and continue to push the conversation. , I welcome the people who are not fans at this point and worried about it because they're going to help us to make sure that we have good answers and that we are answering the questions. That need to be answered in order to use this kind of technology within healthcare. So it's Friday. Just thought I'd share my week sheriffs with stuff that I'm learning. And I did that in the context of the Amazon announcement. That's all for today. Don't forget to share this podcast with a friend or colleague. Keep the conversation going. We want to thank our channel sponsors who are investing in our mission to develop the next generation of health leaders. Short tests are to site parlance, certify health. Notable and 📍 service. Now take them out at this week. Health. Dot com slash today. Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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