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The Role of the Healthcare CIO has Changed Forever

A strange thing was revealed over the last 90 days of interviews at This Week in Health IT. The CIOs role and responsibility has expanded and changed.

- Three CIOs have taken on functions that used to be in the COO or CAO function.

- Four CIOs have taken on Digital and Innovation titles.

- One CIO has taken on a service line with revenue and P&L responsibility.

Why is this happening and why does it make sense is the topic for Today's - Today in Health IT podcast. Here's my quick take on this.

This makes total sense to me. No one has as wide or deep a view of healthcare as the CIO. They are at the data and information level of it all. They have to understand clinical workflows, financial workflows, patient experience and the like. They also have to run a significant operation where they negotiate large contracts, manage teams and large projects. If you handle these things well, you are of course a great choice to take on additional responsiblities.

The sky is the limit for good CIOs and we are seeing that take shape today.

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